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32 MY REMINISCENCES the faintest notion what sort of incantation we were practising ; neither did the meaningless monotony of the performance tend to make us cheerful. This failed to disturb the serene self- satisfaction of the school authorities at having provided such a treat ; they deemed it super- fluous to inquire into the practical effect of their bounty ; they would probably have counted it a crime for the boys not to be duti- fully happy. Anyhow they rested content with taking the song as they found it, words and all, from the self-same English book which had furnished the theory. The language into which this English re- solved itself in our mouths cannot but be edifying to philologists. I can recall only one line : Kallokee pullokee singill mellaling mellaling mellallng. After much thought I have been able to guess at the original of a part of it. Of what words kallokee is the transformation still baffles me. The rest I think was : . . . full of glee, singing merrily, merrily, merrily ! As my memories of the Normal School emerge from haziness and become clearer they