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1; Report No. 2. Government Accession No. 3. Recipients Catalog No.

NT§ @Rr?°'°2 PQQQ-916301 ,

Report Date `

June 19, 1990

Freight Trainonlvlay 12, 1989, and Subsequent Rupture of V aa 5 A 5 A a 5 4. Title and Subtitle Railroad .Accident Reporth 5. Derailment of Southem Pacihc Transportation Company L

Performing Organization

Code `

Calnev Peuoieum Pipeline on may 25, teas. San sefnmiana, 'California 1 -.§ mi.°fi “si ff ii .M A C fi v¢rf°fif¥»gé>iga}§§ »¢i{$n Report No.

-9. renaming orgaiiagaiinn ni-mea»iaAaaie¢s C C To.wZf»1i}~.i=~<» CRTC ~ ` 51288

National Transportation Safety Board ~ f of a a 5 in f Office of Surface Transportation Safety 11' § °"'"°°'°'G"a'“ "°° I T - °, o c 20594 a A aff; on a

jwashmgwrf 13. Type oflteportand - Pefiodcwemi A "i

- i 4 -* - W nn -~  ; RailroadAccide-nt Report 2. ' A N ` May 12,

5" °".'° '-'“9 9'i"“' ' iviay25.tss9 t - i.|AnoNA| TnANsPo|ttATioN 5Are1'vaoAno - 'la an >-an aawashingmn, o o 20594 *'- 5P°"~*°""9 *9°"<vC°'* i" e ` e t

15. Supplementary Notes - 1

A, f ee e ee e

46. Abstract

This report explains the derailment of a Southem Palgihc freight train on May 12, 1989. and the subsequent mpture of a Calnev petroleum pipeline on May 25, 1989, in San Bemardirio, California The safety issues discussed in thejepfirt aremgain weight, locomotive brakes, communications, training, operating procedures, wreckage clearing, pipeline surveillance, pipeline integrity, and pipeline check valves. Recommendations addressing these issues were made to the Southern Pacific Transportation Company, the Calnev Pipe Line Company, the Federal Railroad Administration, the Association of American Railroads, the City of San Bernardina, the Research and Special Programs Administration, the National Association of Counties, and the National League of Cities 11;|Cg'yw0¢dSVY Ci C C 1a ba=mi5uii&5nsf§ ¢¢m¢.¢ll ` This document is available to the

" public through the National

Technical information Service,

Springfield, Virginia 22151

19. se¢hri¥y ctas=in};tion i zo. secumyciusafioomi C 21. amges fzz. (of this report) ` ' " f (of this plgei - ' uncmssirteo uncuxssiriso JR' Q10 NTSBiForm 1765.2 (Rev. S/ 8 C CC C C C C ii T C