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ing my eyes out at the thought of your going away, Janka? I have nothing in the world to console me but you. … Janka, since you told me you were sorry for the hares I had killed, I have not gone out shooting any more. … Oh, I shall not struggle with you, I should not get the mastery; but as your slave, I beg you, I entreat you, be my wife! Oh, my adorable lady, my most sweet one, say but that you will! You will be happy; you will see me do everything, everything to please you. … You will live like a princess. … If you will not give me this assurance, I shall go to ruin, indeed I shall. Janka, I will leave the University without taking my degree. … I will follow you everywhere on earth. Martha, too; does she not love you? And does it matter to you if you say Yes now? Nothing hinders you from saying the word; I even think you love me just a little. … Oh, Janka, Janka!"

He ends with a burst of tears. My head bends down to his, and we both weep together. In turns I am rent by compassion for him and by my longing for Roslawski. I kiss his black silky curls, and we cry like children.