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and wrote his report on the state of Mexico,—an undertaking, for which, I may be allowed to say, by the condescending urbanity of his disposition, and the unlimited respect which was consequently entertained for him by all parties, he was enabled to collect from every quarter the most authentic materials; and that I was, finally, with the Commission until the despatch of the Treaty which he and Mr. Ward, as Plenipotentiaries of His Britannic Majesty, had been directed to negotiate. In referring, as I do with humble though sincere satisfaction, to these points, I trust I shall not wound the delicacy of the feelings of the parties to whom I allude: the mention of them will, I hope not, as regards myself, be thought irrelevant to the public. They will, perhaps, in consequence, excuse me for offering the following pages to their perusal.

Having been ordered to leave Mexico, after the signing of the Treaty, for the purpose of proceeding to Guatemala, to report