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Iturbide issued to the Guatemalians his first public manifesto; in which, after congratulating them upon their independence, he endeavoured to persuade them that, in order to further so salutary a measure, he had directed a numerous and well appointed force to enter their frontiers. The independents did not take this act as kindly as it was intended, but the old Spaniards hailed him as their protector, and, thence, instead of "Serviles" as they had hitherto been called, they christened themselves with the name of "Imperialists."

The head of this party who was president of the junta, and also gefe politico, was Filisola, who had been, previously, a principal promoter of the plan of Iguala. It was chiefly through the interest of this individual that, on the 30th November of the same year, 1821, the above manifesto of Iturbide was circulated through the provinces: to that document he attached one of his own; pointing out to the people that the only alternative they had was to unite themselves