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junct qualifications, which were highly distinctive both as to manner and duration, it was evident that my proposition had, at least, the benefit of a very serious doubt, and that, in the estimation of my worthy companion, a freemason might be an honourable man.

I expected to dance the next waltz with our amiable little hostess, and was looking out for her, when the señor I had just left came up to offer me a partner, who, I found, was no other than the señorita with whom his rival had been dancing: there was so much of platonic liberality in the proposition that I could not refuse, and engaged myself for the following dance;—though girls in love are generally very stupid society for any body but their lovers;—a thousand little things may be said, with effect, and so as to amuse a partner not labouring under such prescriptive feelings:—it is an irksome task and requires laborious address, under such circumstances, to make yourself agreeable. Fortu-