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[CH. XXl.

regularly not only to all parts of the republic, but even to Mexico. The courier averages from ten to twenty leagues a day, according to the seasons, which may be divided into two periods; the winter, or dry season, which commences about the end of November, and continues to the end of May; and the rainy season, which occupies nearly the other six months of the year: during the latter period, although the roads are almost impassable, the couriers still contrive to make their way, supplying themselves with fresh horses at the different stages; so that the post from the extremest points may be calculated on within three or four days of being due.

The greatest distance that the post travels from the capital to any place within the republic is to Cartage, the capital of Costa-Rica, namely, 397 leagues, or 992 miles: the distance to Mexico is 371 leagues, and to the nearest port in the South Sea 31 leagues: the distances to these and all the other principal places will be found