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and, it is to be expected, she may have the good sense yet to desire.

Saturday, 2d July. Having spent the last four days, which were very rainy, in compiling and arranging the information for my report, I dined the next day, Sunday, with Don Mariano Aycenena, the brother of the marquess. I had here an opportunity of seeing an entertainment in the best Guatemalian style. His lady and two other young females, his cousins, ornamented and enlivened the party, which, however, broke up about six o'clock; when most of them retired to take, as I presumed, their siesta, of which, by the duration of the dinner and the circumstance of the hour having been fixed somewhat later than usual, they had been, unfortunately, deprived. The Miss Piñols, the young ladies alluded to, are of the fairest complexion, and most like English women, in the general character of their persons, of any females I have seen in those countries: there are other young ladies of the family,