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seriously alarmed, thinking that so much would not proceed from an ordinary wound, but that I must have injured the temporal artery. By this time, we had come to a complete shallow, which I afterwards discovered was the proper ford, but so similar, by the shape of its banks, to that which I had mistaken for it, that I remained, some moments, apprehensive it might not prove the right one. However, we soon landed, and I continued galloping on after Señor Valdero, for the purpose of overtaking him, for relief, before I might be too weak to continue my intention, from the loss of blood which was still flowing so copiously. In this way I passed two Indians, who, by their exclamations, evidently conceived that I had been attacked by robbers, and was flying from them; and, whilst hesitating whether I should return to avail myself of such surgical assistance as these poor creatures might be able to afford, in the absence of all prospect of meeting any better, I was hailed by two or