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the neighbouring republics. The expenditure of Mexico in 1823 was 9,481,782 dollars; that of Guatemala 878,586: supposing then the population of the latter, taking it at the lowest possible calculation, to be 1,600,000 souls, and the population of Mexico to be 6,800,000, it would result that each individual in Mexico would pay eleven rials, and each one in Guatemala four rials for their contributions to their respective governments. The expense of the Colombian government, in 1824, was 12,703,818 dollars, of which eleven-twelfths were for the army and navy: the proportion for the same service in Guatemala was about nine-twelfths of its general expenditure.


The Report furnished by the Government on the state of their trade was, in many respects, more satisfactory as being more clear and specific than some of their other documents. The inquiries of the