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Profits of British merchants, ten per cent. on do. 150,000
Total imported into Belize
[1] £1,650,000
Indigo and Cochineal, exported by British merchants, the value in return for dry goods 1,500,000
Additional value of Guatemalian produce, over and above the value of dry goods 200,000
Value of mahogany 400,000
Total exported from Belize
Total value of the trade from and to Belize £3,750,000
So that the value of the trade of Guatemala is
With Jamaica 945,000
With Belize, the entrepôt of Guatemala 3,750,000

The trade of Belize has increased very

  1. It is curious to observe how this sum, furnished from particulars by merchants at Belize, agrees with that stated in the Report of the Guatemalian Commission, page 486.