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said he, "what a pity it is they are all Jews."

I left the domicile of my well-informed host as soon as four o'clock the next morning, the 30th, being desirous, by entering early in the day into Acapulco, to prevent the complimentary reception which I had understood Mr. Barcaistegie, the acting consul, was preparing for me. The journey now was a rapid descent towards the sea coast: the banana trees were flourishing on all sides with a vigour peculiar to this climate: the Indian corn or maize was growing to a gigantic height, and the face of the country presented as different an aspect to what I had for the three or four former days been accustomed to behold, as the abrupt shifting of a dramatic scene could present. At twelve o'clock we stopped at Venta Vieja, a tolerable village and one of great importance in former times, when the Spanish galleons arrived at Acapulco, being, as it is, the first resting place for the cargoes destined for the capital.