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CH. V.]

embarked on board the Tartar. There was not much difficulty in shipping my luggage; but my little violent and irritable horse, which I had bought of the rough rider of a dragoon regiment at Mexico, had nearly killed one of the crew, who was fettering him for embarkation: it was evident he objected to the marine service, although he, afterwards, evinced great discipline, and bore a tolerably good character with the sailors, by whom he was surrounded.

My two Mexican servants were anxious to go on board, and I allowed them to accompany me: they were astonished and seemed lost in speechless admiration at so large a house, with all its nice accommodations and conveniences, being able to float upon the water; they had never before seen any thing of the kind larger than a Mexican punt, a vessel shaped exactly like, but half as long again as, those which contribute to the piscatory recreation of gentlemen who angle between Battersea and Staines.

We immediately weighed anchor and