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Acla, province of, 9; origin of the name, ib.; dress of the natives, ib.; settlement formed by Vasco Nuñez, 19; judicial murder of Vasco Nuñez at, 22; colony removed from Darien to, 32.

Adechame, province of, 11

Aisquis, weddings at, 68-69

Aldana, Lorenzo de, sent by Pizarro to arrest Belalcazar, 63, 81

Alligators, 39

Almagro, in partnership with Pizarro, 43; enters Cuzco, 52; marches to Chile, 53; defeat and death of, 54.

Alvarado, Pedro de, 54; conquers Guatemala, 79

--- Alonzo de, conquers Brocamoras, 54

Alvites, Diego de, founds Nombre de Dios, 23

Ampudia, Juan de, 61, 62

Auasco, Pedro de, killed by the Indians, 61

Andagoya, Pascual de, Inspector General of Indians, his expedition to Biru, 40; receives tidings of the empire of the Incas, 41; falls into the water, 42; gives up the discovery of Peru to Pizarro, 43; appointed Governor of New Castille, 59; sets out from Spain, and lands at Buenaventura, 60; marches to Lili, 61; restores peace to Popayan, 62; converts Indians round Popayan and Lili, 67-74.

Animals on the isthmus, 17, 18

Antioquia, 64

Apirama, warlike Indians of, 78

Arguello, Hernando de, judicial murder of, 22

Atabalica (Atahualpa), receives Soto, 47; treacherously imprisoned by Pizarro, 48; his war with his brother, 50-1; murdered by Pizarro, 52

Atanzeta, province of, 61

Atrinceta, province of, 75

Avila, Gil Gonzalez de, expedition to Nicaragua, 32, 37; murdered by Cristoval de Olid, 38

Badajos, Gonzalo de, expedition of, 26, 28

Badillo, licentiate arrives at Lili, 63; imprisons Heredia at Carthagena, 81; and marches to Lili, ib.

Balboa, Vasco Nuñez de, his character of Pedrarias, 1 note; at Darien, 3; appointed Alcalde mayor of Darien, 4; sends Garavita to Cuba, 18; imprisoned by Pedrarias, 19; sent by Pedrarias to explore the South Sea, ib.; forms a settlement at Ada, ib.; plans of, on hearing of the appointment of a new governor, 21 and note; judicial murder of, 22 and note.

Balsa, Rio de la, Vasco Nuiñez builds ships on the, 19

Bastidas, governor of Santa Martha, killed by one Villafuerte, 81

Becerra, Captain, sent to explore Cenu, 27

Belalcazar, Sebastian de, proceedings of, 62; Pizarro sends Lorenzo de Aldano to arrest, 63; destruction caused by, 65, 66; reaches Bogota, 77

Biru, province of, 10 note; entered by Andagoya, 41; boundaries of, 44; shields used by people of, ib.; Pizarro touches at, 44, 45

Bogota, province of, 77; discovery of by the licentiate Jimenez, ib. and 83

Bonda, province of, near Santa Martha, 82

Boritica, 64

Botello, Luis, to return to Ada for news, 21; judicial murder of, 22

Buenaventura, founded by Andagoya 60; description of, 64

Burica, province of, discovered by Espinosa, 24, 37

Cajamalca, Pizarro arrives at, 47

Call (see Lili)

Camboya, province of, 64

Campanon, Francisco, opposes the schemes of Hernandez, 36; his flight from Nicaragua, 37