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letter to Hillard;
  finishes "Scarlet Letter";
  fame established;
  characteristics of his genius;
  unsympathetic as an artist;
  farewell to Salem;
  family life in Berkshire;
  productive period;
  "House of the Seven Gables" written and published;
  power of realistic detail;
  marvelous art;
  no sympathy with reform;
  fatalistic trait;
  Rose born;
  delight in his children;
  his "spiritual sense of life";
  narrow intellectual interests;
  temporary residence in West Newton;
  "Blithedale Romance" written;
  purchases "The Wayside";
  objects to writing Pierce's "Life";
  friendship for Pierce;
  an unsparing critic;
  accepts Liverpool consulate;
  life at Liverpool;
  notable official action;
  his opinion of philanthropy;
  kindly received in England;
  good after-dinner speaker;
  alien in England;
  competence secured;
  resigns consulate;
  life in Italy;
  its influence;
  begins "Marble Faun";
  describes Villa Montaüto;
  Una's illness;
  leaves Rome and finishes "Marble Faun";
  height of his literary power;
  sensitive temperament;
  creative genius;
  defective technique;
  his fullest expression;
  returns to Concord;
  health fails;
  despairs of the Union;
  mental attitude in politics;
  last days;

  Alice Doane's Appeal;
  Ambitious Guest, The;
  American Note-Books;
  Ancestral Footstep, The;
  Artist of the Beautiful, The;
  Bald Eagle;
  Bell's Biography, A;
  Biographical stories, note;
  Birthmark, The;
  Buds and Bird Voices;
  Canterbury Pilgrims, The;
  Celestial Railroad, The, note;
  Chiefly about War Matters;
  Chippings with a Chisel;
  Christmas Banquet, The;
  Cilley, Jonathan;
  Custom House, The;
  David Swan;
  Devil in Manuscript, The;
  Diary, First, authenticity questioned, note;
  Dr. Grimshawe's Secret;
  Dolliver Romance, The;
  Dr. Heidegger's Experiment;
  Downer's Banner, The;
  Drowne's Wooden Image;
  Duston Family, The;
  Earth's Holocaust;
  Edward Fane's Rosebud;
  Edward Randolph's Portrait;
  Egotism, or the Bosom Serpent;
  Endicott and the Red Cross;
  Ethan Brand;
  Fancy's Show Box;
  Famous Old People;
  Fanshawe, note;
  Fessenden, Thomas Green;
  Fire Worship;
  Footprints on the Sea-Shore;
  Gentle Boy, The, note;
  Grandfather's Chair;
  Graves and Goblins;
  Gray Champion, The;
  Great Carbuncle, The;
  Great Stone Face, The;
  Hall of Fantasy, The;
  Haunted Mind, The;
  Haunted Quack, The;
  Hollow of the Three Hills, The;
  House of the Seven Gables, The;
  Howe's Masquerade;
  Intelligence Office, The;
  John Ingle-