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the neighbours of the most southern of the Coast Murring tribes.

The following table, together with map, p. 80, will show, more distinctly than a mere verbal description, the local organisation of the Kurnai.

Clans. Divisions.
Krauatungalung, from Krauat, "east," and galung, a possessive postfix, "of" or "belonging to."

Claimed the sea coast from near the entrance to the Gippsland Lakes to Cape Everard; Lake Tyers and its tributaries as far as Mount Naua-Naua. All the streams flowing into Ewing's Marsh. The Snowy River up as far as Willis. East of the Snowy River they only had a narrow strip along the coast, the inland country being held by the Biduelli tribe.

(a) Ben, Sydenham Inlet.

(b) Dura, Orbost about twelve miles up the Snowy River from the sea.

(c) Wurnung-gatti, Lake Tyers.

(d) Brt-brita, Jimmy's Point, now called Kalimna.

Brabralung, from Bra, "man"; the reduplication may be taken as "manly,"

Claimed all the country watered by the Tambo, Nicholson, and Mitchell Rivers and their tributaries to their extreme sources, and west of the Mitchell River to Providence Ponds, with a corresponding frontage to the Gippsland Lakes.

(e) Bruthen, on the Tambo River.

(f) Waiung. This word as Wy-Yung gives a name to a parish near Bairnsdale.

(g) Wuk-wuk, Lindenow. Also pronounced Wurk-wurk, or "ground," "earth."

(h) Dairgo, the Dargo River.

(i) Munji, North Shore of Lake Victoria, colloquially "there."

Brayakaulung, from Bra and yak, "west."

They claimed all the country west of Providence Ponds watered by the Avon, Macalister, Thompson, and La Trobe Rivers, down to the junction of the two latter, thence following the east side of the La Trobe to Lake Wellington. Thence eastward by the Lakes to near Roseneath; thence northwards to Providence Ponds.

(k) Kutbuntaura, Bushy Park. Kutbun, to "carry" or "have," taura, "fire"; also the name of a hill near Bushy Park.

(l) Bunjil Nullung, the country between the Avon and Providence Ponds; also name of a man. Nullung, "mud."

(m) Bunjil Daan, the country between the Avon, Macalister, and Thompson Rivers. The name of a man. Daan is "snow."

(n) Bunjil Kraura, all the country of the clan, west of (m). The name of a man.