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until all his men are within the circle. One of them then shouts out the name of one of the local divisions of the makers of the Bunan, to which all his followers shout "Yau!" that is "Come here!" Then other names of the local divisions of the Bunan-makers are shouted, while the men of the contingent are dancing. The women and children dance in imitation of the men of the contingent, but in silence.

The visitors now run out of the circle, and the Bunan-makers run into it, the former taking their places outside the circle. The latter now dance in their turn, and shout out the names of the local divisions of the visitors. These names are received with shouts of "Yau!"

This being finished, the women and children go outside, and the Bunan-makers join the contingent in the ring, where all dance a ceremonial dance. The women and children during this sit down outside the entrance, but with their backs to it, and are under the surveillance of one of the older Gommeras, to prevent their looking at what the men are doing.

The women and children, the novices being among them, sing the "tooth"-song during this dance, the intention being to cause the novice's tooth to come out easily. The following are the words of this song:—

Bunde (be) lanya miri yeringya.
Eel the bush dingo mother's brother.

While they are occupied in singing the "tooth"-song, the men quietly steal away, led by one of the Gommeras, along the path to the lesser Bunan. A few men are left for a time singing in the circle, so that the women shall not know that the men have left.

The men of the contingent are taken by the path and shown the various representations, or emblems, or figures as they may be called, with each of which a magical substance, that is, a Joïa, which is used by the medicine-men, is specially connected. Indeed some of them have certain Joïas peculiar to themselves. The following is a description of the figures and proceedings at this part of the Bunan ground. The series commences with that figure nearest to the greater Bunan.