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lated Top (Trochus granulatus). It is esteemed a local and rather rare shell, being confined to our southern shores and the Irish Sea. I find it quite common in Weymouth Bay, in from eight to twenty fathoms. It not unusually attains a height and a breadth of an inch and a quarter, and has been taken of an inch and a half. Its shape is elegantly conical, with the base rounded; the whorls scarcely break the regularity of the outline; they are sculptured with spiral raised lines, each of which is composed of a number of minute rounded knobs, like a string of beads. The texture of the shell is thin and rather fragile; its ordinary tint is a pale flesh-colour, or yellowish white, with a few scattered dashes or short streaks of purple, that run parallel with the spiral lines.

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The animal is large and handsome, with the lobes and wing-like appendages much developed. It is white, speckled with brown, especially about the head.