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repository for the dead before interment. But while some people were looking on her with much attention, they discovered some little motion in her upper lip; and as this seemed to corroborate the former circumstance of her supposed groaning, the master of the work-house ordered her to be removed into one of the wards, and put to bed; and, besides, directed Mr. Oborne to be sent for. He went immediately, and found this poor creature extremely cold, and to all appearance dead. Her pulse was imperceptible, and her stomach much swelled. He saw some spots upon her face and breast of a livid colour; but these were then disregarded. This was between three and four o'clock; about three hours after she had thrown herself into the water.

Mr. Oborne first attempted her relief by pouring down her throat, at different times, a spoon-full of warm water well impregnated with spirit of hartshorn. She was smartly rubbed with coarse cloths, and rolled backwards and forwards upon her stomach and sides. While this was doing, an odd croaking noise was heard, and immediately followed by a sudden gust of wind and water. She was then instantly turned on her stomach with her head reclining over the side of the bed, in order to facilitate the discharge of water, which in this situation ran freely from her mouth on the floor.

When this was over, she was turned on her back, with her head raised a little. The distention of her stomach was quite abated. As