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The New Dressmaker, 1921, Ill. No. 0334.pngIll. 334. A Puff Ruche of Soft Satin Ribbon The New Dressmaker, 1921, Ill. No. 0335.pngIll. 335. A Puff Trimming

A RUCHE OF FRAYED TAFFETA is shown is Illustration 331. The silk is cut single and there is one cord shirring.

A DOUBLE RUCHE WITH ONE CORDING. The edges of the material are folded over until they just meet at the center of the strip and are basted in place. The strip is then folded lengthwise through the center and a line of fine running stitches forms a tuck. (Ill. 332.) The cord may be inserted while making the tuck. (Ill. 332.)

For two cordings the sewing of each tuck should be about one-eighth of an inch from the center. If larger cords are used, the sewing of the tucks should be a little farther apart so as not to crowd them.

A FLUFFY DOUBLE RUCHE WITH TWO CORD SHIRRINGS is shown in Illustration 333. To make this ruche perky, catch the material to the cord, along the back of the cordings, tacking it to the cordings. The sewing should be made by putting the needle in the material a little to one side of the tuck sewing, catching the cord and bringing it out on the opposite side. Take these stitches from one-quarter to one-half an inch apart. Very soft materials require less tacking than those having more weight and body.

A PUFF RUCHE OF SOFT SATIN RIBBON is shown in Illustration 334. This is an effective ruche and may also be made of soft materials as well as ribbon. Cut the material enough wider than the width desired for the finished ruche so that when the edges are turned over the raw edge will be included in the tuck sewing.

A PUFF TRIMMING (III. 335) is attractive made of any soft material. It may be corded with as many cords as you like.

A VARIATION OF PLAIN PUFFING is shown in Illustration 336. Two sizes of cords and two widths of puffings make a very attractive trimming. In cutting your strips of material for this puffing allow for the cords and for a seam along each edge. The strips

The New Dressmaker, 1921, Ill. No. 0336.png

Ill. 336. Variation of Plain Puffing