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Human Ecosystems: Okoroba-Nembe

environmental problems which come to public attention, as public relations problems. That is, until something has to be done, as at Okoroba, when it is too late, and when unnecessary damage has been done to the environment and, of course, to Shell's precious image.

Lest anyone should think that we do not have a reason to suppose that Shell does not have serious environmental policies let us quote in full the entire environmental policy for the LNG project, all 288 words of it:




Nigeria LNG aims to conduct its activities in such a way as to take foremost account of the health and safety of its employees and of other persons, and to give proper regard to the conservation of the environment. The Company aims to be among the leaders in the LNG industry in these matters.


The policy on health, safety and environment includes the following objectives and premises:

  • the policy applies both to the development of the project, the construction of the Transmission System, the Liquefaction Facilities, the Residential Area and associated infrastructure, to the operational phase of the project and to decommissioning;
  • the activities are at least in compliance with applicable (national and international) laws, regulations and conventions;
  • the activities are at least in compliance with policy statement and guidelines of the Shareholders;
  • for employees and contractors the same standards on health, safety and environment apply.

Nigeria LNG will:

Health and Safety

  • work on the principle that all injuries should be prevented;
  • provide and maintain healthy and safe areas and equipment;
  • keep reviewing working areas, equipment and work methods, to further improve safety and health;
  • ensure effective training in health, safety and the environment;
  • will assess regularly health, safety and environment attitudes and performances.