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Goluk Chunder Basu.
Nobin Madhab       Sons of Goluk Chunder
Bindu Madhab

Sadhu ChurnA neighbouring Ryot.
Ray ChurnSadhu's brother.
Gopi Churn DasThe Dewan.

J. J. Wood       Indigo Planters.
P. P. Rose[1]

The Amin or Land Measurer
A Khalasia Tent-pitcher.
TaidgirNative Superintendent of Indigo Cultivation.

Magistrate, Amla, Attorney, Deputy Inspector, Keeper of the Gaol, Doctor, a Cow-keeper, a Native Doctor, Four Boys, a Latyal or Club-man, and a Herdsman.


SabitriWife of Goluk Chunder.
SoirindriWife of Nobin.
SaralotaWife of Bindu Madhab.
RebotiWife of Sadhu Churn.
KhetromaniDaughter of Sadhu.
AduriMaid-servant in Goluk Chunder's house.
Podi Moyrani[2]A Sweetmeat Maker.

  1. In the original P. P. Rose has been mentioned as P. P. Rogue—Ed.
  2. Podi Moyrani was actually a procuress gathering women for the gratification of the planters' lust.—Ed.