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Aduri enters

Aduri.   Our Mistress is making noise within. The day is far advanced; will you not go to bathe, and take your food? The boiled rice is very near become dry.

Sadhu.   (Standing up) Sir, decide something about this, or I shall die. If we give the labour of one-and-a-half of our ploughs for the cultivation of nine bigahs of Indigo fields, our boiling pots of rice will go empty. Now, I am going away, Sir, farewell, our eldest Babu.

(Sadhu goes away

Goluk.   We don't think that God will any more allow us to bathe and to take food in this land. Now, my son, go and bathe.

(All go away



The house of Sadhu Churn

Ray Churn enters with his plough

Ray.   (Laying down his plough) The stupid Amin is a tiger. The violence with which he came upon me! Oh my God! I thought that he was coming to devour me. That villain did not hear a single word and with force he marked off the ground. If they take five bigahs of land of Sanpoltola what will my family eat? First, we will shed tears before them; if they don't let us alone, as a matter of course, we shall leave the country.

Khetromany enters

Is my brother come home?

Khetro.   Father is gone to the house of the Babus and is coming very soon. Will you not go to call my aunt? What were you talking about?

Ray.   I am talking of nothing. Now, bring me a little water, my stomach is on the point of bursting from