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very well versed in the affairs of the Court; but I shall see, how that braggart takes the advances from me.

Gopi.   Sir, he is one of the principal enemies of this Factory. The burning down of Polasapore would never have been proved, had Nobin no concern in the matter. That fool himself prepared the draft of the petition; and it was through his advice and intrigues that the Attorney so turned the mind of the Judge. Again, it was through his intrigues that our former Dewan was confined for two years. I forbade him, saying, "Babu Nobin, don't act against our Saheb; and especially as he has not burnt your house." To which he replied, "I have enlisted myself in order to save the poor ryots. I shall think myself highly rewarded, if I can preserve one poor ryot from the tortures of the cruel Indigo Planters; and throwing this Dewan into prison, I shall have compensation for my garden." That braggart is become like a Christian Missionary; and I cannot say what preparations he is making this time.

Wood.   You are afraid. Did I not tell you at first, you are very ignorant? No work is to be done through you.

Gopi.   Saheb, what signs of fear hast thou seen in me? When I have entered on this Indigo profession, I have thrown off all fear, shame, and honor; and the destroying of cows, of Brahmans, of women, and the burning down of houses are become my ornaments, and I now lie down in bed keeping the jail as my pillow (thinking of it).

Wood.   I do not want words, but work.

Sadhu, Ray, the Amin, and the two Servants enter making salams.

Why are this wicked fool's hands bound with cords?

Gopi.   My Lord, this Sadhu Churn is a head ryot; but through the enticement of Nobin Bose he has been led to engage in the destruction of Indigo.

Sadhu.   My Lord, I do nothing unjust against your Indigo, nor am I doing now, neither have I power to do anything