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Sabitri.   What more is the Burmese (Mug) power? Can any one take away a woman from a house in the British Dominion?

Reboti.   O my Mother! Every violence can be committed in the ryot's house. Taking away the women, they bring the men under their power. In giving advances for Indigo they can do this; they will do it more when they are infatuated. Don't you know, my mother, the other day, because certain parties did not agree to sign a fictitious receipt of advances, they broke down their house and took away by force the wife of one of the Babus.

Sabitri.   What anarchy is this! Did you inform Sadhu of this.

Reboti.   No, my mother. He is already become mad on account of the Indigo; again, if he hear this, will he keep quiet? Through excessive anger he will rather smite his head with axe.

Sabitri.   Very well, I shall make this known to Sadhu, through my husband; you need not say anything. What misfortune is this! The Indigo Planters can do anything. Then why do I hear it generally said, that the Sahebs are strict in dispensing justice. Again, my son Bindu Madhab speaks much in praise of them. Therefore I think that these are not Sahebs; no, they are the dregs (Chandal) of Sahebs.

Reboti.   Respecting another word which Moyrani has said, I think the eldest Babu has not heard of it that a new order has been proclaimed, by which the wicked Sahebs, by opening a communication with the Magistrate, can throw any one into prison for six months; again, that they are making preparations for doing the same with the Babus. (Your husband).

Sabitri.   (Sighing deeply) If this be in the mind of God it will be.

Reboti.   Many other things she said, my mother: but I was not able to understand her. Is it the fact, that there is no appeal[1] when once a person is imprisoned?

  1. Appeal: In villages of Bengal this word is pronounced as 'Pil', which as a Bengali word also means a child :—Ed.