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have the boys of one's own country to read and write and study in his own house, this is the true success of wealth and of labour. Bindu Madhab brought the Inspector with him, and it is his desire, that all with one mind try to establish the school. But observing the unfortunate state of the country, he was obliged to keep his design to himself. How very mild, quiet, goodnatured, and wise is he become now! Wisdom in younger years is as beautiful as the fruits in a small plant. In reading of the sorrow, which my brother has expressed in his letter, even the hard stone is melted and the heart of the Indigo Planter would become soft. I cannot now rise up to go home, I do not see any means; I was not able to bring one of the five to my side, and cannot find where they are taken away. I think Torapa will never speak a lie. It shall be a great loss to us, if the other four give evidence; especially as I was not able to make the least preparation; and again the Magistrate is a great friend of Mr. Wood.

Enter a RYOT two PEADAS or Bailiffs of the Police, and a TAIDGIR of the Indigo Factory

Ryot.   My elder Babu, preserve my two children; there is no one else to feed them. Last year, I gave eight carts' load of Indigo, and did not get a single pice for that, and also I am bound, as with cords, for the remainder. Again they will take me to Andrabad.

Guard.   The advance-money of the Indigo and the marking nut of the washerman behave alike; as soon as they come in contact, they become mostly joined. You villain come, you must first go to the Dewanji; your elder Babu also shall come to this end.

Ryot.   Come, I don't fear this. I would rather have my body rot in the jail than any more prepare the Indigo of that white man. My God! my God! none looks on the poor (weeps). My elder Babu, give my children food; they