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and those works are the delight and study of archangels. Why then should I be anxious about the riches or fame of mortality? The Lord, our father, will do for us and with us according to his Divine will for our good.

"You, O dear Flaxman! see a sublime Archangel, my friend and companion from eternity. In the Divine bosom is our dwelling-place. I look back into the regions of reminiscence and behold our ancient days before this earth appeared in its vegetated mortality to my mortal-vegetated eyes. I see our houses of eternity which can never be separated, though our mortal vehicles should stand at the remotest corners of Heaven from each other.

"Farewell, my best friend! Remember me and my wife in love and friendship to our dear Mrs. Flaxman, whom we ardently desire to entertain beneath our thatched roof of rusted gold; and believe me for ever to remain,

"Your grateful and affectionate,

"Felpham, Sept. 21st, 1800.
"Sunday morning."

In a copy of Hayley's "Triumphs of Temper," illustrated by Stothard, which had been the one belonging to the Author's son, and which he gave after his death to Blake, are these verses in MS. by the hand of the donor.

"Accept, my gentle visionary, Blake,
     Whose thoughts are fanciful and kindly mild;
 Accept, and fondly keep for friendship's sake,
     This favoured vision, my poetic child.