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Cause of Mr. Nollekens dismissing his Confessor. Songs of his youthful days. His bed. Unquiet nights productive of charity. Liberality to his domestics. Coarseness of his food and manner of eating. Inferiority of his wardrobe, and meanness of his domestic arrangements. Character of his drawings and those of other Sculptors. His Monumental designs and models. Infirmity of his latter days and death. Attested copy of his Will and Codicilsp. 1

Funeral of Mr. Nollekens. His wardrobe. List of his intended bequests. Professional anecdotes of him. Modelling in full dress. Taking casts from dead subjects. His mask of Mr. Pitt. Statue erected at Cambridge. Mrs. Siddons's remarks on it. Economy and profits of the Sculptor. Bust of Lord Londonderry. Economy in fuel. Fuseli's opinion of Nollekens. His bust of Mr. Coutts; anecdotes of its' execution. His collection of casts and