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NOTES AND QUERIES. [ii s. ix. MAR. 23, 191*.


MESSRS. JOSEPH BAER of Frankfurt-a.-M. begin in their Catalogue 622 the description of a collection of works on German literature, which includes a set of Goethe items drawn in part from the libraries of the late Lionel v. Donop and Gustav Wendt A copy of the little publication ' Trost Einsamkeit,' issued by L. A. v. Arnim in 1808, Containing legends, poems, and stories which had appeared first in the Zeitung fur Emsiedler, costs 300m. The Goethe section includes a first edition of ' Faust,' 1790, 1200m., and a COPY in the original cover of Stapfer's trans- lation of ' Faust ' into French, with Delacroix's illustrations, 1828, 1500m. A copy of the rarer issue of the first edition of Gotter, Helden, und Wieland,' 1774, is offered for 400m. There are one or two copies of ' Werther ' in the first edi- tion of which the best may be had for 800m. Amo'ng the items of Goethe history and literature is the Frankfurter gelehrte Anzeigen for 1772-84, which contains contributions from Goethe's pen ; this is rare, and not expensive at 1400m. A somewhat similar, yet more precious item is a complete copy of ' Rheinischer Most,' 1775, a- l]pction of miscellaneous plays and poems, of which the first three are Goethe's 2400m. We niav also mention a " Collection de cent Silhou- .ettes des personnes illustres et c&ebres, dessinees d'apres les originaux," by Anthing Gotha, 1793, 1000m.

MESSRS. E. PARSONS have sent us a catalogue of some 430 items, hardly any one of which but offers entertainment and instruction. They have a number of drawings, among which we noticed a, series of 22 pen-drawings : ' The Game of Bridge ' by Lance Thackeray, illustrating a poem -on the game, 25 guineas ; and 87 plates, forming the ' Chimneypiece Maker's Daily Assistant ; Treasurv of New Designs for Chimney- pieces &c.,' 2 vols., 1766-9, 101. 10s. The items connected with French architecture and orna- ment make a good series, one of which, offered for 85 guineas, is Langlois s L Architecture a la Mode,' in two folio volumes (1750 ). They have also Jean Baptiste Monnoyer's * Livre de Toutes Sortes de Fleurs d'apres Nature,' bound up with other series of plates of flowers engraved by Monnoyer and Vauquer, mounted in a large folio volume, 1670, 40 guineas. There is a fine Horse printed on vellum by Hardouyn (1552), having the printer's device of the skeleton man on the title-page, 16 large woodcuts, and 20 small initial fitnires the whole illuminated in gold and colours, 38 guineas; and a MS. Hora of the fifteenth century in Gothic letters, 16 lines to a page and 209 pages, with two miniatures, 25Z. Among the most interesting of all the things here are the Persian MSS. in particular, a series of 56 original drawings of flowers, birds, and insects of the seventeenth century, 75 guineas. Seventy-three plates in mezzotint and line of racing and hunting scenes portraits of famous sportsmen and famous horses include work by Sartorius, Seymour Spencer, and Hone, and range from 1741 onwards, 150Z. From the Huth Library comes, among other things, a set of 51 woodcuts, ' Icones Catecheseos, et Virtutum ac Vitiorum illustrate numeris,' 1557, 151. 15s. A typographical item Granjon's ' Alexandreis ' of Galtherus, printed in

, running Italian or script type, which was soon .bandoned, was also in the Huth Collection : he date is 1558, the price 101. 10s.

MESSRS. JAMES RIMELL & SONS' Clearance Catalogue of Miscellaneous Books (No. 235) contains a good variety of works. ' Le De"- came>on de Jean Boccace,' in 5 vols., adorned with 110 plates and 97 vigaettes, published at Paris, 1757-61, is offered for 12L The 100 vols., bound in 50, of the Chiswick Press " British Poets," ncluding Johnson's ' Lives,' are to be had for 181. 18s. An interesting item is a set, running to 41 8vo vols., of " Le Cabinet des Fes," a collection of French fairy- tales by Perrault, Madame d'Aulnoy, M. de Caylus, and others, published at Geneva and at Paris in 1785, 61. 6s. A first edition of Sterne's ' Sentimental Journey,' 1768, 301. ; Surtees's six sporting novels, all in their first editions, 1847-65, with the illustrations by Leech and Phiz, 351. ; a copy of Monmerque's ' Madame de SeVigne",' in 14 vols., with the two volumes of additional letters edited by Capmus, 1862-72, 9Z. 9s. ; a first edition of White's ' Sel- borne,' 1789, 12Z. 12*. ; Solvyns's ' Les Hindous,' with the text in French and English, and 298 coloured etched plates made from drawings on the spot a work undertaken at the instigation of Sir William Jones 131. 13s. ; and a fine copy of the scarce book, Daniell's ' Voyage round Great Britain,' containing 308 aquatint plates of scenery, with text by Richard Ayton, 70Z., are a few of the more valuable books of which we find we have made a note.

[Notices of other Catalogues held over.]

10 <K0msp0ntonts.

ON all communications must be written the name and address of the sender, not necessarily for pub- lication, but as a guarantee of good faith.

WE cannot undertake to answer queries privately, nor can We advise correspondents as to the value of old books and other objects or as to the means of disposing of them.

To secure insertion of communications corre spondents must observe the following rules. Let each note, query, or reply be written on a separate slip of paper, with the signature of the writer and such address as he wishes to appear. When answer- ing queries, or making notes with regard to previous entries in the paper, contributors are requested to put in parentheses, immediately after the exact heading, the series, volume, and page or pages to which they refer. Correspondents who repeat queries are requested to head the second com- munication " Duplicate."

ST. S WITHIN. Forwarded to Y. T.

E. M. F. For " Queen Anne is dead " see 4 S. iii. 467, where COL. PRIDEAUX informs a querist that in Swift's time (v. his 'Polite Conversation ') the corre- sponding phrase was " Queen Elizabeth is dead."

CORRIGENDA. In the article 'Shilleto,| ante, p. 212, col. 2, 1. 19 from top, for " Agbrig and Mosley" read Agbrig and Morley; 1. 19 from bottom, for " Pontefract about the year 1621" read 1121.