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NOTES AND QUERIES. [ii s. IX..JAN. 10, m*.

tennentis big and putt wp lunkardis for the said hunting, and sail mak and putt furth tinschellis -at the same according to wse and wont, and sail caus them carie furth the necessaris requyrit for the said hunting to the lunkardis, and sail carie the same back againe, and tak up the slaine deir and raes to the lunkardis or to our house in Mar as they sail be directed and as they have beineinuseto do in tyme bygaine." Reg. Mag. jSig. Scot. [1634-51145.

[What are the meaning and history of '" Lunkard " ?]

LONDON NURSERY - GROUNDS. The im- pending removal of Messrs. Veitch's busi- ness from Chelsea will obliterate a very familiar landmark, and seriously reduce the .strength of the few surviving nursery- grounds in London. Beaver (' Memorials of Old Chelsea,' p. 326) informs us this was -established in 1856 on the site of Knight's Nursery, established in 1808.

Early in the previous century there were two gardeners' grounds at Chelsea. They are named in the exceedingly interesting list of contributors to ' The Gardener's Cata- logue,' &c., " done by a Society of Garde- ners," and published in 1730. I transcribe the complete list as given in the biblio- graphical Appendix to R. Weston's ' Tract on Practical Agriculture and Gardening,' 1773, p. 57 :

John Alston, near Chelsea College. Robert Furber, at Kensington. William Hood, at the Wheatsheaf, near Hyde Park Corner.

Phillip Miller, at the Physic Garden in Chelsea.

Obadiah Lowe, at Batter-sea.

John Thompson, at the Rose in Chelsea.

Christopher Gray, at Fulham.

Francis Hunt, at Putney.

Moses James, at Standgate.

George Singleton, at the Neathouses.

Benjamin Whitmil, at Hoxton.

Richard Cole, at Battersea.

Samuel Hunt, at Putney.

Stephen Bacon, at Hoxton.

One name in this list may be disregarded. Phillip Miller, the author of 'The Gardener's Dictionary ' to which this ' Gardener's Cata- logue ' gave birth, was not a nurseryman.

The identification of these grounds is of some interest, but at Chelsea at least it may be assumed there were many other nurserymen at this date (1730).


CHAPEL ROYAL, ST. JAMES'S. I have a square leather-bound book, gilt-edged, with crowned gilt monogram stamped on covers, on the second page of which has been copied

"An Anthem upon the safe arrival of His Majesty King George the Second, from his Oerman Dominions, 1718. The Words appointed"

by the Subdean the Music Composed by Doctor Maurice Greene and performed at the Chapel Royal at St. James's, November y 27 th , 1748." On next page : Psalm LXVL, six verses, and chorus of five voices two bass, one tenor, two contra-tenor. A few pages on : Pope's ' Universal Prayer,' commencing :

Father of All ! in ev'ry Age,

In ev'ry Clime ador'd.

The remainder of the leaves have been used for copying poems by Kennedy, Burns, Gray, &c.

I believe the book to have been the pro- perty of James Fynmore, who married, 12 May, 1753, Jane Shurfield of St. James's, Westminster. Perhaps he was at one time a chorister of the Chapel Royal.


" RELICT " = SURVIVING HUSBAND. An instance of this rare use occurs in the M.T. of Thomas Goring (d. 1836), on a headstone at Staines (St. Mary's), co. Middlesex, in the church vard, to the south of the church.


WE must request correspondents desiring in- formation on family matters of only private interest to affix their names and addresses to their queries, in order that answers may be sent to them direct.


HE w-as born in Boston, 8 June, 1716 ; entered Harvard College in 1730, taking his A.B. in 1734 and his A.M. in 1737 ; was married in Boston to Mary Viscount, 12 Oct., 1738 ; had one child, John Viscount Steuart, born in Boston, 17 Aug., 1740; and later went to England, where he married again (though the name of his second wife is not known) and had children. At that time a catalogue of Harvard graduates was pub- lished every third year, and in each ' Tri- ennial Catalogue ' from 1737 to 1788 his name appears as " Johannes Steuart Mr.,"' though in that of 1761 his name is starred, indicating that he Mas (or was supposed to be) then dead. But in- the Catalogue of 1791, though thirty years after his supposed death, his name suddenly appears as " * JOHANNES STEUART Mr. Baronettus"

Sir John was the son of George Steuart, who presumably came from Scotland or the jSorth of Ireland, as he was a member of the Scots Charitable Society in Boston. Here he married Ruth Cutler, 2 June, 1715, and had, in addition to Sir John, a daughter Mary, born 13 Dec., 1724. Mary Steuart married (1) Henry Johnson, 26 Feb., 1744 ;