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NOTES AND QUERIES. [ii s. ix. MAY 30, ww.

1742, Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Coward of Spargrove (see supra}.

The Rev. Samuel Whitchurch, Rector* 1797, made the following bequests to the parish of Nunney :

Land adjoining parsonage orchard, left in trust to his nephews, Samuel Whitchurch, James Whitchurch, and John Eames, to provide a preparatory sermon to be preached every Good Friday for ever in the parish church of Nunney.

1007. in trust to the above - mentioned nephews, the interest, &c., to be divided as follows : 25s. per ann. towards Sunday School for boys, 25s. towards Sunday School for girls, and 5s. to a boy, and 5s. to a girl, who say the Catechism best.

107. to the poor to be given the next Christmas after his decease.

Mr. William Whitchurch of Nunney in or about 1742 gave 100Z. to the Charity School towards purchasing " Sheppards " (a house, garden, and land), near Feltham, for the use of the Charity School.

Mr. George Whitchurch, a trustee, who died in 1803, bequeathed 200/. to the alms- house charity (of Frome).

Edward Whitchurch gave 50Z. to the poor of the parish. .

The Whitchurchs married well. James W^hitchurch, b. circa 1704, and brother of Samuel, D.D., m. 1746 Anne Gresley, one of the Gresley s of Drakelowe. He died 1746.

Jane, only daughter of Joseph Whit- church, m. 1767 Thomas Smyth of Long Ashton, Somerset :

" Thomas Smyth, second son of Sir Jarrit, married, in 1767, Jane, only daughter of Joseph Whitchurch, of Stapleton in the county of Glou- cester, esq., by whom he has issue two sons, Hugh, born July 4, 1772 ; and John, born Feb. 0, 1770 ; as also tAyo daughters, Florence and Mary." Collinson, ii. 294.

Francis Whitchurch was Mayor of Bristol in 1704.

" John Whitchurch. M. 16 July, 1691 (fil. Gulielmi Whitchurch de Frome, Somerset, arm., set. 16). Caution-money received as Fellow Commoner 16 July, 1691, taken up for Battels by Bursar Hody." B. B. Gardiner, ' Begisters of Wadham Coll.,' pt. i. p. 273.

"Thomas Whitchurch. M. 3 Nov., 1763 (fil. Sanuielis W. de Nunney, Somerset., cler., set. 17). Caution-money received as Commoner 31 Oct., 1763, restored 10 July, 1765. Admitted Scholar 28 Sept., 1764, of Somerset, aged 18 : took the oath 15 Oct. Hody (Hebrew) Exhibitioner 1764 to 1765. Besigned his Scholarship and became student of Ch. Ch., 5 July, 1765. B.A. (Ch. Ch.) 25 June, 1767. M.A. 11 April, 1770. Appa- rently he was Craven Scholar in 1764.

" Chaplain to the British Embassy at Vienna." Ibid., pt, ii. p. 115.

James Wadham Whitchurch, clerk, son of Samuel, clerk, of Nunney, Ch. Ch. matric

19 March, 1766, aged 16 ; B.A. 1770 ; M.A. 1774.

George Gresley Whitchurch: Balliol Coll., matric. 16 March, 1815, aged 17. Drowned on his way to St. Malo, 12 Aug., 1817.

Samuel Whitchurch, s. of George of Frome. Queen's Coll., matric. 30 March, 1748, aged 21 ; B.A. 1751.

William Whitchurch, s. of John of Beck- ington. Hart Hall, matric. 4 July, 1713,. aged 15. Student of Lincoln's Inn, 1715.

Joseph Whitchurch of Stapleton (Glos.),. d. 6 Aug., 1772 (Gent. Mag., p. 391).

Mary, relict of Joseph Whitchurch of Stapleton, d. 8 Sept., 1790 (Gent. Mag., 864).

William Whitchurch of Nunney, d. 5 Dec., 1725, aged 28 ('Historical Reg.,' p. 49; ' Political State of Great Britain,' xxx. 613).

William Whitchurch, s. of William of Nunney. Queen's Coll., matric. 26 March, 1740, aged 17. Father of William of St. Edmund's Hall, matric. 23 March, 1791, aged 25 ; B. A. 1794 ; M. A. 1797.

Of wills, the earliest I have is Robert Whitchurch of Frome, proved 22 May, 1635 (45 Sadler), vide Matthews's 'Probate Acts,' vol. ii. p. 69.

Samuel Whitchurch* of Frome, Somerset, mercer :

"Will dated 1 Feb., 1683, proved Dec. 4, 1684 [168 Hare]. My wife Alice. My daughter Hannah. My son-in-law James Smith. My son- in-law James Bennett. My brother Leonard Whitchurch. My son Jonathan, Ex'or. My brothers Edward and James Whitchurch, and my cousin William Whitchurch, Jun r , Overseers.

William Whitchurch the elder of Frome Selwood, Somerset, gent. :

" Will dated Feb. 3, 1690, proved Apr. 4, 1691* by Anne Whitchurch,f the relict [73 Vere]. My wife Ann and my daughters. To my aunt Lyte an allowance of 10?., for her relinquishing her rights to Hapsford Mills. My brother-in-law Roger Leversegge, Esq., my kinsman John Champneys, Esq., my brother W Tm Whitchurch, and Joseph Iveleaf,J Overseers. My sister Boy ce My sister Coles. My brother Boyce, of London, &c., rings." Rev. F. Brown, ' Somerset Wills,' vol. iv. pp. 111-12.

Leonard Whitchurch, 1736, will in 'Bristol Wills.'

Thomas Whitchurch, 1752, ibid.

James Whitchurch, 1763, ibid.

William Whitchurch, 1781, ibid.

  • Buried at Frome, 7 Nov., 1684. Mr. Leonard

Whitchurch was buried at Frome, 29 March, 1706.

f Nee Leversedge. They were married at Frome, 3 Jan., 1666/7. He was buried at Frome, 2 April, 1691, she in 1694.

There are many entries of this name in the Registers of Lamyatt, co. Somerset. 1623, 8 May, Thos. Iveleffe bapt. (Lamyatt Register).