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This page needs to be proofread.

ii s. ix. JAN. 17, ion] NOTES AND QUERIES.

H. In Memory of John Kiniber who departed this Life Deer, the 26th 1801, Aged 46 years. Also to the Memory of Hannah Daughter of the said In. Kiniber who departed this Life June the 18 1798, Aged 2 years. In Memory of Elizabeth Wife of George Goddard and Daughter of the said lohri Ivimber who departed this Life August 2nd 1803, Aged 21 years 10 months. Also Elizabeth her Daughter who died in her infancy ; Also in Memory of Mary late Wife of the above John Kiniber who died Febr. 2 1812 Aged 46 years. Death in the prime of life did end me here, 'Twas from a loving Wife and children dear The Lord .... [under ground].

[On another part of stone : ]

Likewise Mary King daughter of John Kimber who died J[***] 16th [***]3 Aged 88 years. Also Harriet Short granddaughter who died January 21st 1837 aged [4]8 years.

H. In Memory of John Hughes who died March 8 1805, Aged 48.

H. Sacred to the Memory of George Case of Enmore Green in the parish of Motcombe, who departed this life April 15 1857, Aged 83 years. Also Hannah wife of George Case who died Aug. 4th 1821, Aged 30 years. Also Martha daugr. of George & Hannah Case who died July 20th 1816, Aged 1 year, and 7 months. Also George son of Geo. & Hannah Case who died Aug. 5th 1821 Aged 6 Days. To the memory of Arabella second wife of George Case who died June 10th 1835 Aged 54 Years.

[An old tombstone near here ; inscription entirely gone.]

H. In Memory of Luke Small who died July 4th 1773 Aged 66 Also Mary his Wife who died June 17th 1757 aged 60.

Life 's uncertain,

Death most sure ; Sin a distemper, Death the cure.

H. Here lyeth the body of Marhay davghter of Richard Whendel who dyed Febvary ye 14 1688 [very distinct ; epitaph decayed].

H. Here Lyeth the Body of George Read of Slower Provest who died April the 9th Anno Dom. 1710, aged 23 years.

H. This in memory of lohn Mvndey Junior who Died October the 26 1696, Of his age 32, And also Stephen his son who Died July the 24 1705 [very distinct].

[Lower fragment of a broken headstone] .... [..]ry the [wife] of Richard Munday who died November. . . .1749 Aged 36

H. [Name illegible] Febvary the [3rd] 1696 Aged 2 [8] years.

H. Here lyeth the body of Ann Levington, Widow, who deceased Avgvst the 19 1689. Blessed are the Dead.

H. Here lyeth the body of William Wilemot who departed this life December the 21st 1720 and also Mary his Wife .... [under ground].

H. Here lieth the body of William Willmot sener. Who died March the 27th 1699, And also Elinor his Wife who died May the 29 1705.'

H. Here lieth th[e] body [of] Susannah

[ LIORT ?] who died June ye [1] [1]74[*] Aged

29 years.

T. [Xear the Cross, decayed] Here lyeth the body of Ihon Nicholas, gent, who dyed ....

H. Here lieth the body of Catherine] the

Wife of Giles Pickford [under ground ; 18th


H. Sacred to the Memory of Robert Charles Campbell who departed this Life September 21st 1840 Aged 45 years.

Farewell dear wife, do not grieve. From sin my soul is now relieved; But fly to realms of brighter day ; Farewell I leave my child so dear, The Lord his tender heart will cheer, Farewell I take a long remove, To dwell with thee my God above.

A. WEIGHT MATTHEWS, 60, Rothesay Road, Luton, Beds.

(To be continued.)

THE TERMINATION "-ILE." In a little- book called ' Mistakes of Daily Occurrence in Speaking and Writing,' published in? 1855, occurs the following caution :

" The termination -He in all words must be sounded -ill, with the exception of exile, senile^ gentile, reconcile, and camomile, in which -He. rimes with mile."

Pronunciation of words of this termination must have changed much in the past sixty years, for most of them are now marked in; our dictionaries to rime with " mile."

In the United States the older pronuncia- tion seems to have been retained, for in the list of reformed spellings recommended by the Simplified Spelling Board occur the following : Agil, docil, ductil, facil, fertil r fragil, futil, hostil, juvenil, missil, projectil,. pueril, rep til, servil, steril, versa til, viril.

It would be interesting to know when,, in the past sixty years, the pronunciation of these words diverged in the two countries.. E. L. PONTIFEX.

COUNTY OF GLOUCESTER : PHILIP JONES.- In the large-paper copies of Hyett and Bazeley's ' Manual of Gloucestershire Litera- ture,' ii. 258, is a facsimile of the title-page then 1896 thought to be the earliest on which "the County of Gloucester " appears. This is a tract (referred to at length in Glos- N. & Q., iii. 137-40) entitled :

" Fearefvl Nevves. Of Thunder and Light- ning, with the terrible effects thereof, which Almighty God sent on a place called Oluestone, in the county of Glocester. . . .1606."

Since the publication of the ' Manual ? I have acquired a little volume of sermons, in black-letter, which carries back by eighteen years the first instance of the county being mentioned in this way. The volume is entitled :

" Certaine Sermons preached of late at Ciceter in the countie of Glocester. .. .By Philip Iones