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NOTES AND QUERIES. [ii s. ix. JAN. n, i9u.

Edward Reynolds's sermon upon Mary, Lady Langham, was preached 11 Sept., 1660, and published soon afterwards. The ' D.N.B.' states that Reynolds was rector of " Bramston, Northants." For " Bramston " read Braunston.


187, Piccadilly, W.


\IEL WAY (11 S. viii. 447). Is not this

simply ' Cristes mal way,' the way of the crucifix a way by the side of which there stood a crucifix ? A similar form * Criste- malford,' the ford of the crucifix, occurs in the land-boundaries of Christian Malford, Wilts, in a charter purporting to date from A.D. 940, found in a Glastonbury book of about A.D. 1350 (Kemble ' C.D.,' ccclxxxiv. ;

  • Cart. Sax.,' 752). In this case, no doubt, the

crucifix stood where the road from Christian Malford to Sutton Benger crosses the Avon, and it was the starting-point of the land- boundaries. As the name ' Kester mel way ' seems to occur near a boundary, it is likely that it marks the site of a boundary cross or crucifix. C. S. TAYLOR.

Ban well.

AGNES CROPHALL, LADY DEVEREUX (US. viii. 509). This lady, whose correct name was Agnes de Crophull (Banks's ' Baronies in Fee,' vol. ii. p. 71), was the only daughter {Burton's ' Leicestershire,' p. 180) of Thomas de Crophull, or Sir Thomas Crophull (Burke's Landed Gentry,' 1846 ed., p. 1004), by his wife Sibilla, daughter of Sir John de la Bere, Kt. (Dug., ' Mon.,' vol. i. p. 725), which Thomas was the son (Banks, ut supra; Esch. 45 E. III. n. 58), or erroneously so called " cousin " (Collinses ' Peerage,' 1741 ed., vol. iii. p. 275), and heir of Sir John Crophull, Kt., by his wife Margery or Mar- garet (Dug., 'Bar.,' vol. i. p. 474), daughter of Theobald, Lord de Verdon, and widow, first, of William Blount, and, secondly, of Marcus Hussee (Banks's ' Dormant and Extinct Baronage,' vol. ii. p. 567).

Sir John de la Bere had three daughters. Anne married Sir William Devereux, Kt., who, by her, was father of Sir Walter Devereux. A second daughter, Sibilla, married, as shown above, Thomas de Crop- hull. Consequently Agnes de Crophull, their daughter, in marrying, in 7 R. II. (Collins, ut supra; Claus. 7 R. II. m. 36), as her first husband, Sir Walter Devereux, wedded her first cousin, by whom, who died 4 H. IV. (Collins, ut supra), she became the ancestress of Robert, Earl of Essex, the favourite of Queen Elizabeth (Collins, ut

supra ; Banks's ' Baronies in Fee,' vol. i. p. 205 ; Betham's ' Genealogical Tables,' 1795 ed., Table DCXV.). After the death of her husband Sir Walter Devereux, Agnes married, secondly, Sir John Parr of Kyrkeby in Kendal (Dug., 'Mon.,' ut supra], and by him became the ancestress of Queen Kathe- rine Parr (Burke's ' Extinct Peerage,' 1840 ed., p. 410).

Sir John de la Bere's remaining daughter, Margaret (Ex. Coll. R. Glov. S. ; Collins, ut supra, p. 274), married Sir John Devereux (first cousin to Sir Walter's father, Sir W T il- liam Devereux), who was summoned to Parliament as a Baron 8-16 R. II. ; in- stalled a Knight of the Garter 9 R. II. ; Constable of Dover Castle and Warden of the Cinque Ports 11 R. II., and who died 17 R. II. (Burke, ut supra, p. 176 ; Banks's ' Dormant and Extinct Baronage,' vol. i. p. 287).

I think one may assume that the above are the probable authorities from which Dr. Hardwicke compiled the pedigree of De Crophull given by your correspondent M .C. A., although, since I am ignorant of the date of the MSS. referred to, such assump- tion may be erroneous.


9, Broughton Road, Thornton Heath.

COTTINGTON (US. viii. 509). The query evidently confuses a peerage created by Charles I. and a titular peerage conferred by the titular James III. Francis Cotting- ton, fourth son of Philip Cottingtoii of Godmanston, Somerset, was born about 1579. After holding various offices, he was created a baronet 16 Feb., 1622/3. He was M.P. for Camelford, for Boissiney, and for Saltash ; a Privy Councillor 1628, re-sworn to Charles II., 1649 ; Chancellor and L T nder-Treasurer of the Exchequer to Charles I., 1629-42. Being made " Am- bassador " to the Court of Madrid for negotiating a peace, 1629-30, he was, on 10 July, 1631, created " Baron Cottington of Hamworth [i.e. Hanworth], co. Middle- sex." He was Master of the Wards 1635-41. In 1639 he was on the Junto, who in 1639 had the chief management of State affairs; Constable of the Tower, 1640-41; Lord High Treasurer, October, 1643-6. He remained loyal and went into exile ; whence he never returned. Having gone with Sir Edward Hyde on a mission to the Spanish Court in 1651, he settled at Valla- dolid. He married in 1622 Anne, wddow of Sir Robert Brett, daughter of Sir William Meredith. She was buried in Westminster