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94 NOTES AND QUERIES. [12S. X. FEB. 4, 1922. QUOTATIONS IN ' THE TATLER.' No. 133 of The Taller, attributed in the 1804 edition to Addison and Steele, has for heading : Dum tacent clamant. TULL. Their silence pleads aloud. What is the reference ? I have searched for it in vain in the ' Lexicon Ciceronianum Nizolii ' and other indexes. No. 153, attributed to Addison, is headed, Bombalio, clangor, stridor, taratantara, murmur. FARN. Rhet. Rend with tremendous sounds your ears asunder, With gun, drum, trumpet, blunderblus, and thunder. POPE. What are the references ? What are the meaning and derivation of " bombalio " ? Earn., I suppose, means Farnaby. ROBERT PIERPOINT. ' DE IMITATIONE CHRISTI ' : ECHOES OF VIRGIL. In the last paragraph of Book iii of the ' De Imitatione Christi ' occurs the phrase " inter tot discrimina vitae," which is obviously an echo of a line from a famous passage in the first ^Eneid : Per varies casus, per tot discrimina rerum. 1 suppose this has been noted before, with

any other Virgilian echoes to be found in

the ' Imitatio.' I should be glad to be referred to any notes on the subject. E. R. HOLBORN, MIDDLE Row. What was the date of the demolition of the Middle Row ? Whose property were the houses ind how were the inhabitants compensated for the loss of their homes ? (MRS.) F. L. PAINE. Hove. SARAH SIDDONS THEATRE, LYNN. I have &> prompter's copy of ' Isabella ' with the inscription Sarah Siddons Theatre, Lynn. 1811. on flyleaf, but have been told by an authority that there was no theatre of that name at King's Lynn, Norfolk, nor any record of Mrs. Siddons having acted at that town. Is there another town of Lynn with a theatre of that name ? The writing is in a feminine hand, but is not that of Mrs. Siddons ; moreover, the position of the comma makes it read more like the name of a theatre than of the owner of the book. G. A. ANDERSON. JAMES AD AIR, HISTORIAN. What was the nationality of James Adair, a trader with the Indians and resident in America for 40 years, and author of ' History of the American Indians' (1775) ? A. I SAMUEL MAUNDER. Would some reader | be kind enough to mention the birthplace j of Samuel Maunder (1785-1849), compiler of I educational dictionaries ? The * D.N.B.' I and Morchard Bishop registers have been consulted. M. ZACHARY TAYLOR, President of U.S.A., is said to have had relatives in. Durham, Northumberland, and Newcastle-oii-Tyne. Can any reader give proof of this ? W. N. C. OAKELEY. The Morris MS. says one of the murderers of Edward II. was an Oakley (Oakeley, Okeley). Is anything known about him ? E. F. OAKELEY. " KANGAROO COOK." What was the real name of this person, whom I find mentioned among the dandies during the " days of the Regency " ? BURDOCK. EWEN : COAT OF ARMS. Burke' s ' General Armory ' gives the arms for Ewen in Herne Church, Essex : Ermines, a bend cotised, or ; crest, On a mount vert, a stork statant proper. I cannot trace Herne in Essex and suppose the county to be Kent. Can any of your readers give me any informa- tion regarding this coat of arms ? C. L. EWEN. WILLIAM HARBORD. What was the an- ! cestry of William Harbord, born in 1682, | and buried in 1744 in Stratton Strawless ! churchyard ? Was he descended from Sir Charles Harbord, Surveyor - General to I Charles L, or, if not from Sir Charles, from ! one of his brothers ? Can the Heralds' view be confirmed that the Harbords are descended from a natural son of one of the Herberts, Earls of Pem- broke (see Lord Sufneld's ' Memories,' Appendix II.). C. D. HARBORD. AUTHOR WAITED. Could any reader kindly inform me (1) who is the author of the poem of which the first stanza runs : " Lord ! for to-morrow and its needs I do not pray Keep me, my God, from stain of sin Just for to-day " ; and (2) which is the original and correct version of it, there being several versions about ? J believe it was included in a collection of poems entitled ' To-day and other Poems.' A. E. CAPADOSB.