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210 NOTES AND QUERIES. r 12 s.x. MAR. 18,1922. of the 35th Foot, would be gratefully received by NORMAN SHAW. P.S.- -There is presumed to have been a previous marriage between the parties, possibly at Gretna Green. Custom House, Swatow, China. A LADY IN WAITING TO QUEEN ADELAIDE. -Amelia Castlereagh Tempest is said to have been a lady in waiting to Queen Adelaide. What is known of her ? J. M. BTJLLOCH. PIRATED BARRIE. I understand that several of Sir J. M. Barrie's early newspaper articles have been reprinted in pamphlet form in America. Can any American reader give a list of such reprints ? J. M. BULLOCH. HERALDRY : YATTON CHURCH, SOMERSET. On a memorial in the above church is the coat of arms, demi-lion rampant, of John Markham of this parish, who died 1712, impaling, Erm. three crescents (Kenn), three stags salient (Popham ?), three elephants' heads erased (Saunders). Can any of your readers kindly say how these families were connected, and how John Markham was related to the Markhams of Coatham ? H. C. BARNARD. The Grey House, Yatton, Somerset. PORTRAIT OF STEPHEN THEODORE JANS- SEN. Apart from the group, attributed to Hogarth, that used to be No. 615 in the Guildhall Art Gallery, are there any known portraits of Stephen Theodore Janssen, Lord Mayor of London 1754, son of Sir Theodore Janssen, Bart., and, later, the fourth and last baronet of his family? EG AN MEW. 2, Well Mount, Hampstead Heath, N.W.3. EARLY VICTORIAN LITERATURE. Can any contributor throw any light upon the names of the rightful authors of several of the popular " Penny Dreadfuls " published by E. Lloyd, 1840-50. I have practically exhausted every source of research, but have failed to trace who Were really the authors of the following : ' The Hebrew Maiden ; or, The Lost Diamond,' 1841. 'Tales of the Drama,' 1841. ' Fatherless Fanny ; or, The Mysterious Orphan,' 1841. ' Susan Hopley ; or, The Trials and Vicissitudes of a Servant Girl,' by the author of ' The Hebrew Maiden,' ; Harvest Home,' &c. (Miss Clara Reeve wrote a ' Fatherless Fanny ' in 1819, and Miss Catherine Crowe wrote ' Adventures of Susan Hopley ; or, Circumstantial Evidence,' ( in 1841. It is the Lloyd's issues I am I inquiring about.) ' The Gambler's Wife ; or, Murder will out,' 1850. ' Ada, the Betrayed,' 1841. ' Gentleman Jack,' 1852. ' Paul Clifford ; or, Hurrah for the Road,' 1852. ' Claude Du Val, the Dashing Highway- man,' 1850. ' Captain Hawke ; or, May Boyes ; and The Shadow of Death,' 1851. ' The Life and Adventures of Tom King the Highwayman,' 1851. I have spent many days in the British Museum Library in quest of the informa- tion, and shall appreciate and esteem assistance. FRANK JAY. HERALDIC : ARMS OF MILL HILL SCHOOL. These consist of a shield, three birds of some description across the centre, and underneath is the inscription, " Et virtutem et musas." What are the origin and interpretation of these arms and motto ? GRAHAM GLENCROSS. GEORGE GRAHAM BLACKWELL, eldest son of James Blackwell of the East Indies, matriculated at Oxford from Brasenose in 1819, aged 18. Further information about his parentage and career are desired. G. F. R. B. AUTHORS WANTED. Who wrote the follow- ing : 1. ' Modern London, being the History and Present State of the British Metropolis.' By a Distinguished Antiquary. London, Richard Phillips, 1804. 2. ' An Enquiry in the Reasons of the Advance of the Price of Coals within the seven years past.' London, 1739. [Pamphlet.] 3. ' Society in London.' By a Foreign Resident. London, Chatto and Windus, 1885. Seventh Edition. 4. ' The History of Nature.' In two parts. Emblematically expressed, in near a hundred . . . copperplates. [Editor?] London, 1720. 5. ' The Groans of the Talents ; or, Private Sentiments on Public Occurrences.' [Political Satire.l London, Tupper and Richards, 1807. M. B. C. 6. " It chanced. Eternal God that chance did guide." E. J. T. SONG WANTED. Can any reader give me in- formation about a song beginning : " Two Israelite merchants in New York once dwelt : In all kind of merchandise richly they dealt " ? MILNER MOORE, M.D.