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12 s.x. MAR. 25, 1922.] NOTES AND QUERIES. 231 of Sir T. Phillipps's peculiarities appeared There is a catalogue of his MSS. in the North in N. & Q.,' 10 S. iii. 462. ! Library at the British Museum. I came 2. A large amount of money was spent in i across this when searching for the ' Genea- forming this collection. Mr. Fletcher quotes | logy of Adlercron and d'Arabin,' privately Phillipps's own words : : printed by Sir Thos. Phillipps, one page, folio. My principal search has been for historical, j An extensive collection of these pedigrees and particularly unpublished manuscripts, whether is to be found in the Bodleian Library, but good or bad, and particularly those on vellum. ; j have go far f a ii e d to trace the one I am My chief desire for preserving vellum manuscripts i nr .u infy fnr j T A M S GTTTMAN arose from witnessing the unceasing destruction ! looking lor. 1ANTHE A. At. B. ^ILLMAN. of them by goldbeaters ; my search for charters Hendon. or deeds by their destruction in the shops of glue- irakers and tailors. As I advanced the ardour Sir Thomas Phillipps of Middle Hill did of my pursuit increased, until at last I became not hold any appointment as a herald I ^vJa^^ricT^haTw^as^d COin & word ^' and j although his researches and quests were g His library at the time of his death is invariably associated with heraldry, said to have contained 30,000 MSS. At He did not simply collect, he amassed l * u l non s Sothebv, occupying 74 days and totalling <*v^ U i UU iujLwii. L the reference is, apparently, to ! ~_~ ' , p<r ' , , . T & the MSS.], 16 successive sales, occupying 74 i 71,272 3s. Qd., and the end id not yet. In days, between Aug. 3, 1886, and May 23, 1913, providing an epitome of these (Appendix have produced 71,272 3s. 6d. and a considerable ! B., * Notes on the History of Sotheby's,' by portion is still unsold. ! G> D Hobson, M.A., F.S.A., 1917) it is But this statement leaves out of account } stated in a note "a considerable portion that " portions have been sold by private o f the collection is still unsold." He pub- arrangement to several of the foreign | Iished a number of MSS. and all these are governments ; amongst these, however, , o f interest. So diversified are the periodical were no English ones " (Fletcher, p. 370). ; auction sales from his library that almost Perhaps the 71,000, &c., above includes ! every collection is enriched thereby. 13s. 3d. realized by the printed ALECK ABRAHAMS. books at three sales (Fletcher, p. 371). i When Sir Thomas's omnivorous methods On June 14, 1822, he purchased, at the and the huge extent of his collection are j sale of Sir Isaac Heard's library, the following considered, it is inevitable that, while it j manuscripts : comprised some MSS. of great intrinsic i ' Extract from Patent Rolls relating to value, there should have been items of i Yorkshire and Devon' pricepaid,13 2s. 6d. ; very slight importance. For example, in :' Pedigrees of Irish Families,' 13 13s. OoL ; the catalogue of a well-known library I ; ' Pedigrees from Pub. Records,' 3 vols., folio, have read in the description of a former ! 4 Is. Qd. ; and many others, details of Phillipps MS., a collection of Welsh poetry which I could furnish. I do not know where copied for Sir T. Phillipps, that 13 pages j they are now to be found. A. ALBRIGHT. of the original are omitted and that the i whole is very inaccurately copied. CAP OF MAINTENANCE (12 S. x. 151, 195). 3. Where indeed ! If in quest of definite | As a constant reader of ' N. & Q.,' may I MSS., CLARIORE^ E TENEBRIS might obtain ! express my admiration of the gentleman some further illumination by consulting | who discourses so feelingly on the subject the sale catalogues of Sotheby, Wilkinson | of his family " cap of maintenance " ? He has and Hodge at the British Museum. j a right to feel proud of his remote ancestor At 10 S. ii. 72, a collection of MSS. i of the county of Stockholm who won that connected with Pembrokeshire and Car- distinction in valorous fight, and who rose marthenshire from the Phillipps collection to the rank of Captain under a General of is said to be in the Cardiff Free Library. William the Conqueror, what time that The National Library of Wales at Aberyst- ' intrusive soldier came and invaded Britain's wyth has some Phillipps MSS. of genealogical j Isle. But what a pity that the document and heraldic contents. But, of course, Sir j which he quotes and which must be as Thomas did not confine himself to any narrow ancient as the days of Good Queen Bess, field. He had acquired many Oriental MSS. that age of venture and discovery, should 4. Presumably most of the 30,000 were still languish and lie in private hands ! To bound. EDWARD BENSLY. | commit it to the custody of the Master of