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248 NOTES AND QUERIES. [12 s.x. APRIL 1,1922. father, assigned to his son a moiety of his two messuages in the High Street of Burf ord, reserving to himself " the liberty for a dinner or lodging when a stranger or a friend of quality came to visit him." He further agreed to give his son half his " tools and implements belonging to a glazier or plummer," to take him into partnership, and to give him half his profits for the " yearly keeping and repairing the leadwork and glazing of all such churches, houses and pumps " as they had " jointly given several bonds or engagements there- for," viz., " the churches of Bampton, Fairford, . . . Bibury, Bourton-on-the-Hill, Idbury . . . the leadwork of the house of the Honble the Lord of ffalkland att Tewe in the county of Oxon . . . the lead or plummers work of the Honble William Lenthall Master of the Rolls called the Priory att Burford . . . the leadwork and plummers work of the house of Edward Hungerford Esqre at Blackburton, the leadwork of the house of Robert Jenkinson Esqre at Wallcott in the county of Oxon with divers others." E. ST. JOHN BROOKS. NORTHERN SUPERSTITIONS OF TO-DAY. Here are two bits of northern lore worth preserving. I was asked the other day to give a paper on ' Northern Folk-lore ' to the members of the Middlesbrough Rotary Club, and incidentally mentioned a Newcastle incident in 1650, when a pro- fessional " witch-finder " was brought from Scotland to test some thirty -odd women who were charged with charlatanry. I also referred at some length to a famous Yorkshire witch named Molly Cass, who lived at Leeming, near Bedale, some fifty or sixty years later. Love potions were also referred to, and at the conclusion of the paper a Yarm nurseryman announced that Molly Cass was not dead, insomuch as there was a famous local pear known by that, name which he believed was peculiar to that part of Yorkshire. Later a Middlesbrough chemist showed me a prescription he had been asked to dispense within the last few days to make a somewhat retiring lover more ardent. The prescription consisted of 2oz. of dragon's blood and 2oz. of quicksilver. The young woman who brought this recipe knew exactly what its effect would be, but was not quite clear as to how to apply the mixture when she had got it. To these incidents I might add that this week, as a member of the St. Vincent de Paul Society, I visited an old woman who lives in a yard near the river-side at Stockton - on-Tees, who was most anxious that arrange- ments should be made for her grandson, a boy of twelve, to be blessed by the priest, so that he "would giv ower jumpin' an* kickin' i' bed an' breeakin' oot inti sweeats." J. FAIRFAX-BLAKEBOROUGH. Grove House, Norton-on-Tees. APPRENTICES TO AND FROM OVERSEAS (see ante, pp. 29, 69, 106). Allen, Stephen, son of Mathias Allen of Virginia, Ship-Carpenter, app. to Jno. Hudford, Cit. and Barb. Surg. Consid. 10. 1 Nov., 1720. (Inl. 1/8, fo. 47.) Jeffers, William, son of George Jeffers, dec'd., app. to Jno. Browne of New York, Shipwt. Consid. 10. 30 Aug., 1719. (Inl. 1/7, fo. 202.) Looby, Nathaniel, son of Baptista Looby of Antegoa, app. to Jacob Heloquin of Bristol, Mercht., and Lydia his wife. Consid. 100. 16 Sep., 1720. (Inl. 1/47, fo. 65.) Page, Thomas, son of John Page, Cit. and Glover, app. to Samuel Carey of Boston, New England. Consid. 20. 19 June, 1719. (Inl. 1/6, fo. 225.) Snow, Jno, son of Jno. Snow of Barbadoes, gent., app. to Edward Halstead, of Clement's Inn, Attorney. Consid. 150. 22 May, 1720. (Inl. 1/8-121.) White, Nicholas, son of William White of Mountserrat in W. Indies, Esq., app. to Joseph Woodward, Cit. & Barb. Surg. Consid. 60. 2 Feb., 1719. (Inl. 1/7, fo. 83.) Woolley, Wm., son of Ezetrille Woolley, Cit. & Mercht., app. to Dan Bous of Barbadoes, Mercht. Consid. 40. 4 Jan., 1718. (Inl. 1/7, fo< 84 ') GERALD FOTHERGILL. 11, Brussels Road, S.W.ll. uerte*. WE must request correspondents desiring in- formation on family matters of only private interest to affix their names and addresses to their queries in order that answers may be sent to them direct. DE HERINGESHAE. Is anything known concerning this name, which occurs in an undated deed at the P.R.O. (A12032) ? The document in question is a release by Adam, son of Ric. de Kemestun, to Wm., son of John, parson of the church of Kemestun, in consideration of half a mark, of his right in the land formerly belonging to Thory de Kemestun. In the ' Calendar of Ancient Deeds,' vol. v., p. 233, only five of the twelve witnesses are named, the full list being : Jn. de Oxewic, Jn. his son, Alex., steward of Acra Monachorum,