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12 S.X. MAY 13, 1922.1 NOTES AND QUERIES. 371 family, of which the above are a branch, but it is only in outline and contains practically no details of the Loughacur Reynoldses. WILLIAM REID, Hon. Sec., Breifny Antiquarian Society. LONDON INNS: THE COCK IN SUFFOLK STREET. Can any reader tell me where in Suffolk Street was situated "The Cock," a victualling house or inn, at which, according to Anthony Wood, Bishop Guy Carleton (of Bristol) held his consecration dinner on Feb. 11, 1672. W. H. QUARRELL. MOZEEN (MUZEEN) FAMILY. Can any reader give me the pedigree of the Mozeen (or Muzeen) family, or any information concerning members, past or present ? According to family tradition, the Mozeens were Huguenot refugees from France, but efforts to trace the history of the family previous to 1743 have proved abortive. In that year a Robert Mozeen was school- master at Sutton-on-the-Forest, near York, and the church register there records the baptisms of several of his children during the period 1756-1765. A branch of the family (with name spelt Muzeen) . lived at Douthwaite Hall, near Kirby Moorside, Yorks, 20 to 30 years ago. C. M. HUDSON. 162, King's Road, Harrogate. OLD RECORDS OF SUSSEX. I am searching out the history of an old building in Rye, Sussex, which has been in my family for 120 years, and have traced it successfully back to about A.D. 1600. In 1671 I know a quit-rent was paid on it to the King, and this was collected annually at Michaelmas by a King's or Water Bailiff, who was often a citizen of London, and was appointed under a royal warrant for life. Would anyone inform me where I should be likely to find earlier lists of these rents, as I have practically exhausted all local sources ? LEOPOLD A. VIDLER. BARBOSA. Can any information be sup- plied regarding a book by (?) Steed on Senator Roy Barbosa, who, at The Hague Conference in 1911, distinguished himself as champion of the small States ? Senator Barbosa was recently appointed to the Permanent Court of International Justice. J. S. M. JACK ROBERTS. Who was the person to whom Bacon in his 28th and 113th Apo- phthegms (Ellis and Spedding) alludes ? JOHN B. WAINE WRIGHT. BOURSON. -Walker, in his ' Sufferings of the Clergy ' (p. 82), says that Richard Marsh (D.D. of Oxford, Oct. 17, 1636; Vicar of Birstall, Yorks, 1614-16 ; Prebendary of Southwell, 1625-16 ; Prebendary of Hus- thwaite in, York Minster, 1634-16 ; Vicar of Halifax, Yorks, 1638-1642 ; Archdeacon of York, 1641-1662 ; and Dean of York, 1644- 1662) was vicar of Bourson in Yorkshire. I know of no such paiish in that county. Can any reader identify it ? W. N. C. ' THE CHARING CROSS MAGAZINE.' When and where was this published and what were its subjects ? When did it die ? W. N. C. EIGHTEENTH -CENTURY GERMAN PRIN- CIPALITIES. Can any reader refer me to an authoritative work (in English) touching on the history of the German Duchies and Principalities of the eighteenth century. I seek information more especially regarding Anhalt-Zerbst. LAURANCE M. WULCKO. 142, Kinfauns Road, Goodmayes, Essex. AMORE FAMILY. I should be glad of in- formation regarding an Irish family of Amore. I have been unable to find any reference to this unusual name in any work I have consulted. LAURANCE M. WULCKO. 142, Kinfauns Road, Goodmayes, Essex. THOMSON'S ' SCOTTISH AIRS.' In con- nexion with a bibliography of this work, I wish to locate copies of the following volumes of the folio edition : ' New Edition^ 1826, with many Additions and Improve- ments,' vol. v. ; ' New Edition, with Additions by Beethoven and Frontispiece by Wilkie, 1822,' vols. iii., iv. and v. The name " Wilkie " may be erased, or a blank cancel pasted over the entire second line of the title. Any information will be gratefully appreciated by DAVIDSON COOK. 16, Pollitt Street, Barnsley. HENRY COTTON,DEAN OF LISMORE. When was he born in 1789 ? He married a daugh- ter of Dr. Laurence, Archbishop of Cashel. What were her Christian names and what was the date of the marriage ? The 'D.N.B.,' xii. 304, does not supply the desired in- formation. G. F. R. B. ADMIRAL SIR CHARLES COTTON, BART. When and where was he born in 1753 ? When, in 1778, did he marry Philadelphia, daughter of Sir Joshua Rowley, Bart.? The 'D.N.B.,' xii. 301, is silent on these points. G. F. R. B.