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12 S. X. MAY 13, 1922.1 NOTES AND QUERIES. 377 Queen Anne was victor ious by land, and sea, And Georgey the First did with glory sway ; And as Georgey the Second has long been dead, Long life to the Georgey we have in his stead ! R. J. LISTER. PRIME MINISTER (12 S. ix. 446; x. 117, 155). When I said that I could not find if any quotation of the two words [" pri." and " min."] in ' N.E.D.' " I had overlooked the entry " Prime Minister " between " primely" and " primeness." (I submit that this is not the proper place for two words uncon- nected by a hyphen, and that I was entitled to look for the phrase under " prime " or " minister " in neither of which is it, in fact, to be found.) The new source cites Clarendon in 1647 (a misprint for 1643) for " his prime minis- ters " of Ireland, and the Earl of Norwich in 1655 for " the Prince of Conde's prime minister." In neither case, therefore, is there a reference to the head of the English Cabinet or Government, and (if I was right at 12 S. ix. 446, and x. 155) Reresby still holds the field for this which is our quest. Premier. I believe Roger North first used this word in our sense, like Reresby, of the Duke of Buckingham and of the same year, 1667. Examen Pt. III., c. vi., 41, p. 453 ; and, again, of 1670, ib. 9 c. vii., 15, p. 515 both written after 1706; 1667 is earlier than Evelyn's 1686 cited by ' N.E.D.,' but, no doubt, Evelyn wrote in 1686. H. C -- N. " PROBABILITY is THE GUIDE OF LIFE " (12 S. x. 329). For Arcesilaus's view see Sextus Empiricus, ' Adv. Math.,' vii. 158: 'AXX' eVei /AfTa. TOVTO e'Sei KOI rrfpl rrjs TOV @iov difgayuyris &T(lv, TJTIS ov ^oopis Kpirrjpiov TTffpvKev a7ro8i'5ocr&u, o<^>' ov KOI rj fvdai/j.ovia, Toure'ori TO TOV ftiov Tos, rjprrj^fi'rjv ei TTJV irio~Tiv, (prjalv 6 ', on 6 Trcpl ndvTtov fff(<ov KCLVOVK!, TCIS KOI (pvyds Kal KOIVWS ray TTpd^eis r&i ), Kara TOVTO T( rrpoep^6p,vos TO KpiTrjpiov Carneades's attitude on the same question is given in section 166: y A.TraiTovp.fvos ^ KOI CIVTOS Tt KpiTrjpiov npos T f Trjv TOV /Si'ov die t-aywyrjv KOI Trpos TTJV TYJS fv8aip,ovia? TTfpiKTrjo'iv, TTavayKd(TCii KOI KctQ* avTo" nfpl TOVTOV o"uiTd.TTfo~Oai, 7rpoo~ap.(3dv(t)v Trjv T f TriOavrjv (pavTaaiav Kal TTJV TriOavrjv ap.a KOI direpi- It is hardly possible to indicate the exact force of the required expressions without giving these passages at length. The text is that of H. Mutschmann in the Teubner series. The quotations on these points in the latest edition of the English translation of Zeller's ' Stoics, Epicureans and Sceptics ' contain more than one misprint. Is the -English phrase to be found earlier than in the third paragraph of the Introduc- tion to Bishop Butler's ' Analogy,' which begins " Probable Evidence, in its very nature, affords but an imperfect kind of Information," and ends with the sentence, " But to Us, Probability is the very Guide of Life " ? EDWARD BENSLY. Much Hadham, Herts. Is there any earlier English version of this aphorism than Bishop Butler's in the ' Analogy,' " To us probability is the very guide of life." LABOR IPSE VOLUPTAS. GENERAL NICHOLSON (12 S. x. 109, 158, 173, 290, 337). The following facts may interest MR. L. ELIOT and others. By the kindness of Miss Bellett surviving daughter of the Rev. George Bellett, who baptized the General I am enabled to present a photo- graph of John Nicholson to the Royal Irish Academy, where it will be carefully preserved and valued. A manuscript note inside the covering case reads : General Nicholson, who was killed in Delhi during the siege in 1857. This photograph was taken in the year 1851, when he was 29 years of age, and. just before his return to India from England, where he had been for some short time on furlough. It was given to me by his sister, Mrs. Maxwell of East Roding, near Dunmow, in the county of Essex, in remembrance of the father of the General, who was one of my earliest and dearest friends. Miss Bellett, in an explanatory letter to me, says : This MS. was written by my Uncle John, I do not know in what year, but he died in 1864. John was the eldest of three brothers, the other two being the Rev. George and the Rev. Thomas Bellett. Of the faded gold stamp on the outside of the case I succeeded in deciphering three words Kilbum and Regent Street ; and, with this clue, I found in the London Directory for 1851 the name

  • 'W. E. Kilburn, photographer by appoint-

ment to Her Majesty the Quieen and the Prince Consort." The pedigree of Jaffray, mentioned by another correspondent, and connected with the Nicholsons, I have not investigated. J. F. FULLER. Dublin.