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12 s.x. MAY 20, 1922.] NOTES AND QUERIES. 391 J. D. HERBERT. Wanted, dates of birth and death, and also the Christian names, of J. D. Herbert, author of ' Irish Vagaries,' published in 1836. There is a brief reference to him in James Sheridan Knowles's Life (by Richard Brinsley Knowles), where he is described as " actor, author, dramatist, and painter." F. H. RAYMENT (ENG.) What is the coat of arms of this family ? The crest is a boar's head, erased and erect, arg. CHEVRON. CAPTAIN JONES'S ' ADVENTURES IN PATA- OONIA, &c.' This work, which also con- tained elegy and epitaph in verse, appeared in 1766, 8vo. Can any reader supply biographic detail about the author ? ANEURIN WILLIAMS. Menai View, North Road, Carnarvon. THE REV. TEMPLE HENRY CROKER. When did he become rector of St. John's, Capisterre, St. Christopher's ? When and where did he die ? According to the ' D.N.B.,' xiii. 132, he published a volume of Sermons in 1790. Was he ever married ? G. F. R. B. WILLIAM CULLEN, OR CULLING, son of William Cullen, or Culling, was at West- minster School in 1732. Any information about him would be acceptable. G. F. R. B. REVERSING THE UNION JACK. In Charles Boutell's 'Handbook to English Heraldry ' (1914 ed., p. 255), referring to the Union Jack it is stated : To reverse the proper display of the Flag implies distress or danger ; or such a procedure (very often, as I am aware, unconsciously adopted, through ignorance of the real meaning of the Flag itself) subjects the Union Jack to degrada- tion. This statement, to me, is an enigma, as it is a curious fact that it is impossible to dis- play it incorrectly. Whichever way it is flown there is no reversing it. The Red, White or Blue Ensign can, of -course, be displayed in a wrong way, as re- gards the position of the canton, but never the Jack by itself. ROBERT PEARSALL. HUDSON PEDIGREE. I should be glad if any correspondent of ' N. & Q.' could give me any information on the above. 1 am given to understand that at one time Sir Robert Wilmot lived at Osmaston Hall, Osmaston, Co. Derby, and the Hudsons lived on the estate ; and it is now in the possession of the Midland Railway Company. The hall was built by the Fitzherbert Wrights about 1845. Can any reader kindly give me any of the family history of the Hudsons births, marriages or deaths ? Did they originally come from Yorkshire ? A. E. HUDSON. NATHANIEL FLETCHER, author of ' A Methodist Dissected ; or, A Description of their Errors.' Is anything known of this man or the book ? W. N. C. AUTHORS WANTED. Can anyone oblige me with the authors and references of the under- mentioned quotations : 1. " What news bring you from the Holy Countrie ? And how fares the warfare by Galilee's strand ? " 2. " The Crusades served to people heaven with martyrs." Is it Geoffrey of Clairvaux ? 3. " The Treasures of antiquity laid up, In old historic rolls I opened." Alice Strickland, in her ' Queens of England,' says by Beaumont. Which one ? There were five Beaumonts poets ? 4. " These are the souls to which High Valour gave glory undying." 5. " These are not dead, their spirits never die." 6. " O'er pale Britannia passed." Referring to the destruction of the Eddystone lighthouse in 1703. E. BEAUMONT. 7. "He told the story of Grouse in the gun- room." Was there such a story ? What was it ? Where can the quotation be found ? Goldsmith, I think. J- F. [Goldsmith, ' She stoops to Conquer,' Act II.] JOHN FREDERICK SMITH, NOVELIST. (12 S. x. 229, 276.) A RUMMAGE in an old lending library of what are now curios of the mid-nineteenth-century periodical literature of London shows that the art of booming was well understood by some of the publishers at least. The first series of CasseWs Family Paper eight un- wieldy pages began on Dec. 31, 1853, and the inconvenience of the size was recognized after four years' trial, although it afforded scope for the " artists " who furnished double-paged fancy pictures of particularly sanguinary-looking battles. So the second series of the enterprise, 16 pages of half the