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446 NOTES AND QUERIES. [12 s. x. JUNE 10, 1022. beth Stewart, and was minister of Dalkeith 1586. He wrote ' Life of St. Patrick.' 3. Rev. Alexander Simson, A.M. (born 1570, died June 17, 1639), minister of Muck- hart 1591, Alva 1592, Dryburgh 1597 ; a prisoner in Dumbarton Castle 1621. 4. Rev. Abraham Simson, minister of Norham. 5. Rev. Patrick Simson, A.M., of whom presently. 6. Rev. William Simson, minister of Burntisland 1593-1601 and Dumbarton 1601-1610. 7. Rev. Richard Simson, minister of Sprowston. He married . . . and had issue : i. James Simson, minister of Sprowston 1645-48 and of Airth 1650. He married Elspeth, dau. of Andrew Home of Prender- gast, and had issue : a. Mary Simson, married to Hugh Bin- ning, minister of Govan. b. Jacobina Simson, married to George Mair, minister of Culross and of Tullieallan, and had issue : a. George Mair, minister of New Deer, Aberdeenshire. c. Agnes Simson. d. Barbara Simson. e. Richard Simson, 1694. ii. Robert Simson, collector of Midlothian. 8. Christian Simson, married to Rev. James Porteous, A.M., minister of Lasswade, Dalkeith, 1616. He died 1643, aged about 65. She survived him. 9. Katherine Simson, married to Rev. Alexander Home 1586 (of Hunt wo de) ; minister of Dunbar 1582. He died Decem- ber, 1623. The Rev. Patrick Simson, A.M. (born 1556, died March 31, 1618), minister of Stirling twenty-seven years, also minister of Spott, Cramond, and Tranent. He married, first, Martha Barron (dau. of James Barron of Kinnaird, Provost of Edinburgh, by his wife, Elizabeth Adamson, " a pupil of John Knox 1555," and sister of the Archbishop of St. Andrews), and had issue : 1. Rev. Adam Simson, of whom presently. 2. Rev. James Simson, A.M., of Tongland, Kirkcudbrightshire, and of Bathgate, Lin- lithgow, 1618 ; served heir to his father 1618 ; grad. St. Andrews University 1600 ; went to France ; returned in August, 1612 ; died January, 1654. He married Annabella Hay and had a dau., Katherine, who married the Rev. John Scott of Shotts. 3. A son who was a minister in Ireland ; killed by rebels. His widow got relief from the Presbytery of Linlithgow, July 5, 1643. 4. Lillias Simson (born 1590), married to the Rev. John Gillespie, A.M. (born 1581, died 1627), minister of Alva 1603 and of Kirk- caldy 1612. She had issue a son, the Rev. George Gillespie (bom 1613, died Dec. 17, 1648), who married Margaret Murray. The Rev. Patrick Simson married, secondly, a Miss Rollock, but, so far as I know, he had no issue by her. The Rev. Adam Simson (born May, 1594, died June, 1642) was minister of Airth 1617-18 and of New Abbey 1618-28. He married, Jan. 16, 1618, Margaret Spens, and had issue an only son : Rev. Patrick Simson, A.M. (born Oct. 2, 1628, died Oct. 24, 1715). He was minister of Renfrew. He married, first, Aug. 30, 1654, Elizabeth Hay( born-. . ., died March 31, 1662), and had issue : 1. Agnes Simson (born March 25, 1662, died 1723). She married John Simson, a merchant in Glasgow. He was son of Robert Simson (notary in Kilbride, and first of Kirktonhall, Ayrshire) by Marion Wilson, his wife, and had issue : i. Thomas Simson, M.D., first occupant of the Chair of Medicine, St. Andrews University. He was born in 1696, and married, Jan. 20, 1724, Margaret, dau. of Sir John Preston of Preston Hall. He died March 30, 1764, leaving issue : a. Preston Simson (born Dec. 5, 1728, died on her birthday, 1815). She was married Sept. 11, 1749, to Walter Wilson, Professor of Greek in St. Andrews Univer- sity. A mural monument of this family is in St. Rule's Chapel, St. Andrews ; his portrait is in the University. Issue : Walter, Lt.-Col. ; Thomas, Lt.-Col. ; and James, Major all in the H.E.I.C.S. 6. Robert Simson, M.D., of Coventry (born 1731, died Dec. 17, 1817). He married, Sept. 17, 1761, his cousin, Ann Simson (born Jan. 23, 1744, died November, 1819), dau. of the Rev. Patrick Simson, A.M., of Coventry, and had issue : Patrick Simson, a surgeon in Fillongley, and Robert Simson, LL.B. (bom 1763, died May 16, 1846), for fifty-three years vicar of St. Michael's, Coventry^. The latter married Jane Tandy. c. Agnes Simson (born 1733, died 1780), married to Rev. David Craigie (born 1721, died 1757) of St. Andrews. His portrait is in the University. d. James Simson, M.D. (born March 2U