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i2ax.jAK.2i.i922.] NOTES AND QUERIES. 57 BRITISH SETTLERS IN AMERICA (12 S. j ix. 462, 517, 521). May I enclose extract from the Public Records as to a member of | the lapp family. Mr. O. Tapp was proprietor of Post House, j Marlborough, ir Cromwell's days. He drove | to Red Lion, Fleet Street, London, every j week. Pepys stayed at this post-house. In the Public Record Office, London, Chancery Bills and Answers. B 93/34 Barber v. Tapp. 17 Oct. 1639. The several answers of Edmund Tapp. Edmond Tapp, the defendant, was possessed j of a messuage and divers edifices, barnes, stables, ! outhouses, arable land, meadowe and pastures j lying and being in Bonington in ye County of ! Hert. This defendant sayth that he ivent and departed fro 1 England in Europa the last day of] May, 1637, with all his family and never hath I been there since, and he this defend*, ariveing in that place of America which now called New Eng- land the last day of July, 1637, and ther hath remained ever since. Sworn 7 day August, 1640, at Quinypyack in New England. ARTHUR TAPP. BIOGRAPHICAL DETAILS OF ARTISTS SOUGHT (12 S. x. 9). 11. Nicholas Pocock, the son of a Bristol merchant, was born in 1740. As a youth he entered the Merchant Service and in 1780 took up art as a profession, painting in Bristol regularly for some years. He died March 9, 1821. His portrait was painted by his son, Isaac (1782-1835), a pupil of Romney. An obituary notice of father and son is in The Gentleman's Magazine (1835), N.S. iv. 657-8. The pedigrees of his descendants are printed in Berry's

  • Pedigrees of Berkshire Families,' pp.

116-22. Notices of him and his work are to be found in Owen's ' Two Centuries of Ceramic Art in Bristol,' pp. 49-52 ; Roget's 'History of the Old Water Colour Society,' passim; ' D.N.B.,' xlvi. 5-6; and in ' N. & Q.,' 4 S. xi. 290, 331, 388; 8 S. iv. 108, 197, 291-2 ; 10 S. iv. 468. A large collection of naval drawings and engravings by Pocock was sold in two parts in 1913 by Messrs. Hodgson, whose sale catalogues form an interesting record of his work. ROLAND AUSTIN. Gloucester. There are accounts of (3) James Duffield Harding (1798-1863), (6) Robert Thomas Landells (1833-1877), (11) Nicolas Pocock (1741 7-1821), and (16) John Thomas Serres (1759-1825) in the 'D.N.B.' There . are some pictures by (8) R. H. Nibbs in the Municipal Art Galleries, Brighton, and works by him often appear in Sussex picture- shops. He nourished during the Regency and in succeeding years. (1) Bernard Evans, R.I., had a picture reproduced in ' Modern British Water-Colour Drawings,' a Special Summer Number of The Studio in 1900. I think he is to be identified with Bernard Walter Evans, Esq., R.I., R.B.A., as to whom see ' Who's Who.' JOHN B. WAINE WRIGHT. The following information has been gleaned from various sources : 1. Bernard Evans, landscape painter, of London. Exhibited at the R.A., Surrey Street and New Water Colour Society during the years 1871-1893. 2. Ernest Griset, animal painter, of London- Exhibited two pictures at Surrey Street in 1871. 3. James Duffield Harding was born at Deptford in 1798. He had a few lessons from Samuel Prout, and worked with John Pye, the engraver. He painted land- scapes in oils and water-colours, was a member of the Old Water Colour Society, and was also a lithographer. He exhibited at the R.A., B.I., S.B.A., and O.W.C.S., &c., 1811-63. He died at Barnes in 1863. 4. Henry Andrew Harper, landscape painter, of London. Exhibited a large number of pictures during the years 1858- 1893 at the R.A., Surrey Street, and New Water Colour Society. 5. G. J. Knox lived in London, and exhibited landscapes at the R.A., B.I., and Surrey Street from 1839-1859. 6. Robert Thomas Landells was born in 1833. Became a special artist on the staff of The Illustrated London News, for which he depicted the Crimean, Danish, Austro- Prussian, and Franco-German Wars. He died in 1877. 7. Paul Marny, landscape painter, nourished at Birmingham. From 1866-90 he exhibited landscapes at the R.A. and various other exhibitions. 8. Richard Henry Nibbs, a popular painter of marine subjects. His first pic- ture, ' Lord Mayor's Day,' appeared at the Academy of 1841, but in 1842 he sent a sea-piece, and to that branch of art he afterwards remained constant. He died in 1893, aged 77. 9. Cornelius Pearson was born at Boston, Lines, and later became apprenticed to an engraver in London- Many of his land- scapes were exhibited at the S.B.A.,