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12 s. vi. JUNK 12, 1920.] NOTES AND QUERIES.


entered as a pensioner at Trinity College, Dublin, in February, 1781. In his ' Life and Writings, 1796,' he gives the following :

" At length about the beginning of the year 1785, I became acquainted with my future wife. She was the daughter of William Witherington and lived, at that time, in Graf ton. Street in the house of her grandfather, a rich old clergyman of the name of Fanning [see Fanning Pedigree]. She was at this time not 16.... and in a short time I proposed to her to marry her without asking the consent of any one, knowing well it would be in vain to expect it ; she accepted the proposal as frankly as I made it, and one beautiful morning in the month of July, we ran off together and were married. I carried her out of town to Maynooth for a few days, and when the eclat of passion had subsided, we were forgiven on all sides, and settled in lodgings near my wife's grandfather. In February 1786, I commenced

B.A We were obliged to break off all

connection with my wife's family, who began to treat us with all possible slight and disrespect. We removed in consequence to my father's, who then resided near Clane in co Kildare. . . . I arrived in London in Jan. 1787, had Chambers in the Temple, 4 Hans Court, on the first floor .... On Christmas Day, 1788, I arrived at my father's house, Blackball .... After a few days at Blackball we came up to Dublin, and were re- ceived, as at first, in Graf ton Street, by my wife's family. . . . Mr. Fanning paid me punctually the sum promised. I now took lodgings in Claren- don Street .... I commenced Bachelor of Laws Feb. 1789, and was called to the Bar in Trinity Term f ollowing . . . . My wife's health continuing delicate, we spent the summer of 1790 at Irish- town."

Theobald Wolfe Tone died Nov. 19, 1798, in the Provost's Prison, Arbour Hill, Dublin, from self-inflicted injuries, and was buried Nov. 21, 1798, in the family vault in Bodens- town churchyard, co. Kildare, having mar- ried, July 21, 1785, at St. Andrew's Church, Dublin, Matilda (called Martha in Marriage Register), second dau. of William Wither- ington of Grafton Street, Dublin, woollen- draper (by his wife Catherine, elder dau. of the Rev. Edward Fanning), who married secondly, Aug. 19, 1816, in Paris in the house of Sir Charles Stuart, His Majesty's Ambassador at the Court of France, Thomas Wilson of Dullater in Scotland (he died in 1827 in New York), and died Mar. 18, 1849, at Georgetown, in the district of Columbia, U.S.A., having had issue by Wolfe Tone, two sons and one daughter : -

(i.) Maria Tone, born in 1786, died April, 1803, in Paris.

(ii.) William Theobald Wolfe Tone, born Apr. 29, 1791, in Dublin; he was a scholar of the Imperial Lyceum, Paris, from 1799 to the end of November, 1810, greatly dis. tinguishing himself. In 1810, he became a

cadet in the Imperial School of Cavalry at St. Germains, was naturalized a Frenchman* on May 4, 1812, and in 1813, joined the. Grand Army in Germany, being then a sub -lieutenant in the 8th Regiment of Chasseurs. He was at the battles o Lowenberg, Goldberg, Dresden, Bauthen,, Muhlberg, Acken, and Leipzig. On Buona- parte's fall he left the French Service, settled in New York, and became a captain in the United States Army. He left the army in 1827, and dying of consumption in New York, Oct. 10, 1828, was buried in Long Island Cemetery. He married in New> York in 1825, Katherine, dau. of William. Sampson (see Note A.), of Londonderry^ barrister-at-law, who settled in New York in 1806, and by her (who was living in New> York in 1858), had issue an only daughter^ Grace Georgina Tone, born May 28, 1827 f at Georgetown, District of Columbia, U.S. A. living in 1898. *$

(iii.) Francis Rawdon Tone, born 1793, died in 1806.

2. William Henry Tone, born August;. 1764, ran away at 16, and entered the*- service of the East India Company ; became a distinguished officer in the Mahratt* Service, and was killed whilst storming Fort under Holkar about 1802. (An account of him will be found in ' The Military Adventures of Hindustan,' by Herbert* Crompton.)

3. Mathew Tone, born in 1771. Had a cotton manufactory at Prosperans (?), CO; Kildare. He later went to France, and became a lieutenant of Grenadiers. Ha accompanied the French expedition (under Humbert) to Killala in 1798. Humbert landed and defeated the English General- Lake at Castlebar, but surrendered to- Cornwallis at Ballenamuck on Sept. 8.. After the battle, Mathew was taken prisoner, taken to Dublin, where he was tried by court martial, and hanged Sept. 29, 1798.

4. Mary Tone, born 1774/6. She married in Hamburg, Feb. 1/12, 1797, a Swiss merchant named Giauque, who settled in St. Domingo in the West Indies. She either died of the yellow fever, or was killed with her husband by the negroes in rebellion- during the siege of Cape Francais, about 1799.

5. Arthur Tone, born 1782, sailed about 1799, at the age of 18 to the East Indies aa a sub-lieutenant and. was never heard of again.