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XL MARCH 21, 1003.

logue says on the 23rd September, who believe him to be the same whom Mr. Stow, in hi chronicle, calls Flower when, writing of th year 1588, he says, ' on the 23rd Sept., seminary priest, named Flower, was hangec beheaded, and quartered, at Kingston ' though bishop Yepez and others speak c Mr. Flower and Mr. Way as of two differen persons." From this it appears that, whethe Mr. Flower and Mr. Way are identical or not William Way and William Wygge certainl- are but one person.

3. The John Clare, or Dominicus, of Chi] mark, who was admitted to Winchester Colleg in 1563, was clearly the father of the John Clare, alias Dominic, noticed in 'D.N.B., x. 383, and Gillow, i. 487.

4. The Thomas Eisbye who entered Win Chester College in 1500 and became a Fellow of New College in 1508, resigning his Fellow ship in 1513 to enter religion (Boase 71), would seem to be the same as the Thomas Risby O.S.F., noticed by Gillow, v. 425, as suffering at Tyburn, 20 April, 1534.

5. The writer of the biography of Nicholas, Rishton in ' D.N.B.,' xlviii. 321, states that he became a Fellow of New College in 1407 and apparently identifies him with Richarc Rixton or de Risheton who entered Win Chester College in 1402, as Nicholas Ryxton who entered Winchester College in 1407 is obviously too late in date. What are the grounds of this identification ?

6. The John Rugge who was beatified by Pope Leo XIII. in May, 1895, is said by Gillow (v. 452) to have been at one time a Prebendary of Chichester. Was his prebend one of the four founded by Bishop Sherborne in 1526 ? If so, he is probably to be identified with the John Rugge who entered Winchester College at the age of eleven in 1488.

7. Is the Thomas Owen who entered Win- chester College in 1567 at the age of eleven from Wmchfield to be identified with the Ihomas Owen whose biography occurs in

D.N.B.,' xln. 455, and Gillow, v. 224? . 8. Except for the fact that George Raynes

s said by Gillow in his notice of him (v. 397) to have been of good Yorkshire family, he might have been the George Raynes who

fffttf W r ln ' h ,f fcer Colle S e f m Mereworth m 1549. Is Gillow wrong? Is Mereworth in Kent the only Mereworth 1.

JOHN B. WAINEWRIGHT. BRUCE AND AvENELL.-In a charter granted by King Robert Bruce, 6 February, 1324/5, to Alexander Keith who is described as "his beloved and faithful " it appears that Alex- ander Keith had no heirs male of his body

as his lands were to pass to his daughter Agnes and William Avenell, the latter of whom is styled the king's cousin (" et Wil lelmo Avenell consanguineo nostro"). Can any readers of ' N. & Q.' kindly inform me how this con- nexion came in between King Robert Bruce and William Avenell 1 It is said that King William the Lion had by a daughter of Robert Avenell a daughter Isabel, who married first Robert Bruce, but by him had no issue, and secondly Robert de Ros, one of the barons appointed to enforce the observance of Magna Charta. Any notes on the Avenell family will be thankfully accepted. The charter above quoted is from the Fourteenth Report of the Hist. MSS. Commission, Appendix, part iii. p. 174. R.

MANSION, MINIATURE PAINTER. Can you give me any information about Mansion, the miniature painter 1 There is an example of his work in the Wallace Collection.


[The only Mansion mentioned in Mr. Graves's admirable book is L. Mansion, who, between 1829 and 1835, contributed three historical pictures to the R.A.]

CHAPELS TO ST. CLARE. Is there any evidence to prove that the dedication of chapels to St. Clare was a favourite one among the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem ?


'LYRA APOSTOLICA.' Is the following list of identifications of writers correct? a=J. W. Bowden. =HurrellFroude. 7= John Keble. S = J. H. Newman. = Isaac Williams. = Robert Wilberforce. Who wrote No. 55, 'Hidden Saints,' and the hird part of ' Commune Pontificum,' No. 163? I'liese bear no Greek letters in my copy third edition, 1838). JOHN T. PAGE.

West Haddoh, Northamptonshire. HUBBELL ARMS. Can any one give me nformation as to the coat of arms granted o Hugo Hubbell (warrior, 1060), settled in A ales, &c. ? The figures of his shield were wo raven heads and two estoiles ; on the elmet a tower partly demolished; two eagles re holding the shield. What are the colours nd motto for this special coat of arms ; and re any of these arms now in existence ?



VENTS.' 'An Account of Historical and

ohtical Events during the last Ten Years,'

y Sir John Red cliff, was published in London

bout 1870. We shall be much obliged to