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NOTES AND QUERIES. [9 th s. XL MARCH as. 1903.

Thee do not Thou forget me March on,

boys." Who originally recorded them 1

JOHN T. PAGE. West Haddon, Northamptonshire.

BEZIQUE (9 th S. xi. 26, 115). Feldinski, or Polish Bezique, was invented by one of the Feilding family (for sale at a charitable bazaar, I think), and he named it Feldinski.


ESSEX IN IRELAND (9 th S. xi. 69). A fairly complete list of English officers and soldiers who accompanied the Earl of Essex into Ire- land may be compiled from the following sources. Essex was in Ireland from April to September, 1599.

'State Papers, Ireland, Elizabeth ' :

1599, March. The names of all such gentlemen as have subscribed to follow me [the Earl of Essex] in this journey. Vol. cciii., No. 118.

1599, June 30. Lists of Captains. Vol. ccv., Nos.94 and 95.

1599, August 2. Payments to divers officers and others. Vol. ccv., No. 127.

159 ), August 3. A list of the whole army. Vol. ccv., No. 128.

1599, August 5. A note of the army under the command of Sir Conyers Clifford at the Curlews. Vol. ccv., No. 130.

1599, September. Captains brought over by the Earl of Essex. Vol. ccv., No. 188.

1599, October. Names of the knights dubbed in Ireland since 1584. Vol. ccv., No. 236. Other papers in this vol. ccv. which might be consulted with advantage are Nos. 55 i., 85, 90, 112 i., 183, 186, 208, 209 i., 237, 238, 241. The papers are, of course, in the Public Record Office, London.


50, Beecroft Road, Brockley, S.E.

The same question appeared in * N. & Q.,'

8t S. iv. 191, without eliciting any reply.

It was repeated in 7 th S. x. 368 with more

success, for at p. 453 the following replv

appears :

"In the British Museum Library will be found copies of ' The List of the Army under the Com- mand of Robert, Earle of Essex and Ewe with

the names of the several Officers belonging to the A /^' Condon, 1642, 4 to ; also 'A Listofthe Army of His Excellency Robert, Earle of Essex,' printed December 22nd, 1642, 4to."

The following may be consulted in the Corporation Library, Guildhall, E.C. : 'A

Declaration concerning the late Valorous

and Acceptable Service of Robert, Earle of Essex,' 4to, London, 1642.


71, Brecknock Road.


87, 172). The reference at 8 th S. x. 248 by no means attributes the epitaph, as a whole, to

Anne Steele ; it says, "These lines [' Forgive,

blest shade,' &c.] are the commencement of

an elegy, in nine stanzas, on the death of

Mr. Hervey, by Miss Steele," &c. ' N. & Q.,'

1 st S. x. 214, says, under the heading " Forgive,

blest shade," &c. : "These lines appear to be

altered from the commencing stanzas of an

elegy on the death of Mr. Hervey, by Miss

Steele, of Broughton, Hants." Anne Steele's

poem ' On the Death of the Rev. James

Hervey,' in nine stanzas, lies before me, the

first stanza being :

Hervey, honoured name, forgive the tear

That mourns thy exit from a world like this ;

Forgive the wish that would have kept thee here,

Fond wish ! have kept thee from the seats of bliss.

There is not a word therein of "such spot- less honour," and the rest ; but the editor of the volume says of the poem, in a foot-note : " This is the original of the epitaph ' Forgive, blest shade,'" &c. The Rev. Jas. Hervey is chronicled in Chambers's ' Book of Days,' and his writings were familiar to Miss Steele, herself the daughter of a Baptist minister. A chronic invalid, she probably never left her remote country village, and is unlikely to have written an epitaph on one who lived in the stir of the world, or to have parodied a composition of her own. That her poem suggested ideas to more than one writer of epitaphs is clear. H. P. L.

POSTS IN EARLY TIMES (9 th S. xi. 189). In ' Her Majesty's Mails,' by William Lewins, second edition, 1865, to which your corre- spondent may be referred, it is stated that " Haste, post haste ! " occurs on letters of the reign of Edward II. (p. 19). W. C. B.

If this query applies to the United King- doai only, see 1 st S. ix. 549 ; 3 rd S. i. 287 ; iv. 247, 355 ; 6 th S. vi. 345, 394.


71, Brecknock Road.

"TANDEM" (9 th S. x. 308, 455). As Dr. Murraj 7 has no earlier quotation for tandem (meaning either a vehicle or the manner | of harnessing horses) than 1785, the follow- ing extract will prove of interest, both be- cause it is nearly forty years earlier, and also because tandeni is used in a sense appa- rently not recognized in the dictionaries. The advertisement is copied from the Hoston Evening Post of 18 May, 1747, No. 614, p. 2/2:

" Lately imported from London, To be sold cheap for the Cash, at the next Warehouse to Mr. Brom- field's on the Town-Dock, Lloyd's Garlets, Tandems, Cambricks, Taffatees, Romalls, Pins, sewing Silk, Fans, Ribbons, Mens and Womens Lamb Gloves of all Sorts, Womens black Silk Gloves, Alapeens, Bombazeens, Cyprus, Silk Crapes, Qualities, Garter-