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NOTES AND QUERIES. p* s. ix. APRIL 5, 1902.

Purvas, 20 guineas. To Mr. Miles Halsey 20 guineas. To brother John Fleetwood, as executor, 20 guineas. To John Roberts, as executor, 20 guineas. After legacies, re- mainder invested for wife's life interest, and then to daughter Jane if married with consent of guardians (his wife and Mary Purvas), contingent remainder to children of John Fleetwood. Executors, wife, John Fleet- wood, and John Roberts. Witnesses : Michael Clarke, S. Barker, Regd. Dennison.

The first Robert Fleetwood appears to have succeeded his master, as in 'Genea- logical Gleanings in England,' by Henry F. Waters, in the will of John Kempster, of Plaistow, in Essex, citizen and glass seller of London, 7 March, 1686, proved 6 June, 1687, there is a bequest :

" To my grandson John Whiston aud his

heirs, &c and also the lease of my house in

Leadenhall Street, now in possession of Robert Fleetwood, glass seller :>

The following, from the same valuable work, is interesting :

41 Will of John Oldfield of London, Esq., 30 , 1656, proved 3 Novr., 1657.

" To my two grandchildren John and Ann

Fleetwood, son and daughter of my daughter Kathe- rine, wife to Col. George Fleetwood, 1 say to John Fleetwood 50$., to be paid to his father, now Sir George Fleetwood, upon security, &c., and to Ann Fleetwood 500/., payable (as above)."

In a foot-note Mr. Waters says :

"Col. George Fleetwood, otherwise called Sir George Fleetwood, was, I suppose, that regicide, one of Cromwell's lords, who is said to have died in America."

From the above notes I compile the follow- ing pedigree :

Col. George Fleetwood, 'of Chalfont, co. Bucks, died in or prior to 1674.

Robert Fleetwood, son of above, ap- prenticed 23 June, 1674 (indenture dated 9 [?] November, 1674).

Robert, son of Robert above named, ap- prenticed to father 20 March, 1700 ; John apprenticed 17 June, 1708.

Robert the second died in or prior to 1734 and left issue :

1. Robert, eldest son, of Ludgate Hill, married Sarah Purvas, and had only one child Jane.

2. Jane married Fenton, and had issue

a daughter Jane. It is not absolutely clear that she was daughter of Robert the second.

3. John, youngest son, apprenticed to uncle John Fleetwood 19 June, 1735; residuary legatee and executor under uncle's will

John (the elder), son of Robert (the first) will proved 17 January, 1760; Master of the Glass Sellers Company, 1738-9 and 1739-40

In his will occurs the bequest subject to the return of the miniature.

I have purposely omitted the grandchildren mentioned in the Oldfield will, though the regicide had a daughter named Ann, as I have not seen the full text of the regicide's will. The only point which seems to require explanation is the description of George Fleetwood in the register of apprentices as " gentleman " simply ; but there is no real difficulty in this, as his colonelcy was in the Parliamentary army, and the knighthood was conferred by Cromwell in the autumn of 1656 (* Dictionary of National Biography ').

I submit that the evidence all points to the miniature being a portrait of George, the regicide, and in all probability a replica by Cooper. Is it still in existence] If it can be found, it will be most interesting to com- pare it with the only other known portrait of him by Samuel Cooper.

In conclusion, I desire to express my in- debtedness to Mr. Gery Milner- Gibson - Cullum, F.S.A., for information regarding his miniature, and also to Capt. Evans for permission to examine the records of the Glass Sellers' Company, without which I could not have filled in the missing links in the pedigree. R. W. B.


(Continued from p. 144.)

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