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9* s. ix. JAX. 11, 1902.] NOTES AND QUERIES.


1595 edition of 'Colin Clout,' and in which Bacon claims to be the son of Queen Eliza- beth. In this statement Bacon is made to say that "Marlovv is also a pen-name em- ploi'd ere taking Wm. Shakespeare's as our masque or vizard." I have always been under the impression that " pen-name " was

i an Americanism of somewhat recent date for pseudonym or nom de guerre, but I may be wrong. I should therefore be glad if some authority could be shown for the use

I of the term in the acknowledged writings of Bacon or any of his contemporaries. Into the general merits of the question raised by Mrs. Gallup I do not, of course, propose to enter. W. F. PRIDEAUX.

MOAT'S/ * STENOGRAPHY.'- I am in possession of a copy of Moat's 'Stenography,' bearing date 1833, though, according to a quaintly worded preface, completed for publication twenty years earlier. It is an octavo with some twenty pages of steel-engraved "cha- racters." The work seems to me to be of unique interest, as very patently most sys- tems of a later date are based upon it. Could any of your readers inform me of the history of the work or its author?


525, George Street, Sydney, N.S.W.

[Thomas Moat's ' Shorthand Standard Attempted' was published in 8vo by Thomas Tegg, price &*.. between 1816 and 1851.]

GORDON, A PLACE-NAME. What is the meaning of the name Gordon? I believe it is to be found in many countries, and I have heard it described as a hill fort.


SIR THOMAS SMITH, OF PARSON'S GREEN. I am in search of the ancestry of Sir Thomas Smith, of Parson's Green, who married the Hon. Frances Bruges (or Brydges) temp. Eliza- beth. Was he identical with the Sir Thomas Smith who was Secretary of State to that qeen? KATHLEEN WARD.

Castle Ward, Downpatrick.

ARCHANGE DE PEMBROKE. A writer in a recent number of the Dublin Review, in a paper on Ange'lique Arnauld, incidentally refers to " a Franciscan friar, well known in the religious circles of the day as Father Archange de Pembroke." He was, we are told, " an English nobleman " by birth, and therefore was probably a member of the race of the Earls of Pembroke. Can he be identi- fied 1 ASTARTE.

'THE LITTLE PICTURE BIBLE.' What is the date of this excellent little book? My copy is written by Isabella Child, and the

publisher is "London: Charles Tilt, Fleet Street." The book is 3 in. by 2j in., and the paging runs to 191. It contains "48 pretty plates." THOS. RATCLIFFE.

FEEDING BIRDS. In the Sheffield Daily Telegraph, 28 December, 1901, is the following interesting notice with reference to the feed- ing of birds :

"In old times a sheaf of wheat was sometimes hung outside the porch of village churches, and renewed at intervals during winter, as food for the birds a sermon surely in itself a charming reminder that Christian kindness should not end with suffering humanity, but should embrace all God's creatures."

I should like to know if this custom is still practised. CHARLES GREEN.

18, Shrewsbury Road, Sheffield.

EPITAPH AT LLANRHIDIAN LOWER. On the outside of the south wall of the nave of the church of Llanrhidian Lower, in the "rural district of Gower," Glamorganshire, thejr have suspended a tombstone bearing the following epitaph :

" Here lieth the body of Robert Harry who deceased the xxi day of September : aged. 65 : anno Domini 1646 : who maried two wives and had issve by them x children.

Here lyeth my lifeles corps bereved of liveing breath : Not slaine by sinne which is the cavse of death. But by decree which God hath said all men shall dy : And come to jvdgement to know how they shall

try. And now o heavenly God that liveing breath thov

gavest to mee : That mortall life and sovle I yeeld and give againe

to thee.

My corps to earth for short time I doe give : My sovle vnto my saviovr Christ eternally to live."

The passive or middle use of "try "is note- worthy. Has this inscription been pub- lished in any book ? E. S. DODGSON.

' CORNHILL MAGAZINE ' ILLUSTRATIONS. Who was the artist of the initial letter T designs, illustrating chaps, iii. and iv. of 'Lovel the Widower/ in the March and April num- bers, 1860? The former is initialled S., and the latter E. S., reversed in a circle. Also, Who was the artist of the outline ' Ariadne ; in the December number, 1860 ?

R. D. C. N.


slip was inserted in vol. i. as follows : "With volume second, containing the Reigns of

King Richard II Edward IV., will be printed

an Index of Matters and Names of Persons and Places, a Glossary, Table of the Contractions, and General Preface.

Were the index of matters, the glossary, and the general preface ever published ? They are not in the Bodleian copy. Q. V.