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��composed by Thomas Cunninghame. Sword from the field of Drum- clog; this sword belonged to Dr. David Livingstone, the African traveller and missionary. Sword which belonged to William Woodburn, Mains of Loudon, Covenanter, used by him at Bothwell Bridge and Drumclog. Spears collected by Dr. David Livingstone in Manyuema, Central Africa. All these had been lent by the Glasgow Corporation. Capt. John Paton's sword, light and single edged. The blade is curved backwards, and has a broad, deep, and long groove near the back on each side. The light basket hilt is partly gone. Lent by John Howie, Lochgoin, per Rev. Mr. Yule, Dunlop. Covenanters' flag, for the parish of Fenwick. At the top, on the left, is an open Bible marked ' The Word of God,' while on the right is a crown surmounting a thistle. Banner of blue silk, bearing the Scottish thistle crowned, the arms of the City of Edinburgh, and the words ' God bless his Highness the Prince of Orange,' &c., used at the Revolution, 1688-9, lent by Miss Wood, Edinburgh. Richard Cameron's sword (an ' Andrea Ferrara ' ), found in Airdsmoss after the fight, lent by Rev. Wilson Baird, United Presby- terian Manse, Mauchline. Avendale Covenanters' flag carried at the battle of Drumclog, lent by Weavers' Society of Strathaven, per Dr. Allan Watt. Flag carried at the battle of Drumclog by William Wood- burn, lent by J. Clelland, Darvel, per Rev. Mr. Bonellie. Sword taken from one of the dragoons of Claverhouse at the battle of Drumclog, lent by Alex. Morton, Darvel, per Rev. Mr. Bonellie. Blue flag carried by the Lesmahagow contingent at the battle of Drumclog and Bothwell Bridge, lent by Mrs. Napier, Lethame. Banner which was raised over the tent for Gaelic services at Canonmills at the Disruption, 1843, used also during the General Assembly at Canonmills, 1844-5, lent by Free Church College, Aberdeen. Sword said to have belonged to And. Paterson, an officer who took part with the Covenanters at the battle of Bothwell Bridge, lent by Mrs. Easton, late of Darvel, per Rev. Dr. M'Crie. Christian Endeavour Union banner, modern Covenanting banner, lent by Rev. John Pollock, Oxford Drive, Glasgow. Broad- sword which belonged to Capt. Paton, with double-edged blade, bears on each side a globe and double cross, lent by Dr. Watt, Strathaven."

Since this Union was commemorated the United Free Church of Scotland has had to mourn the loss of its first Moderator, Principal Rainy, Dr. Ross Taylor, and Lord Overtoun. The Aihenceum in its obituary notice of Principal Rainy on the 29th of December, 1906, refers to his personal charm and good sense, which with his " serenity of temper made him in the best sense a Moderator of his Church."


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