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This evening Gen. Worth's division appeared on dress parade with an excellent band of music. Col. Harney's expedition arrived in camp this evening and reported that they had broken up the guerillas' quarters, and brought in some eight or ten prisoners and about thirty horses.

To-night there is a gentle breeze wafting in from the Gulf of Mexico, which makes everything look happy and agreeable among the boys.

Sunday, April 4, 1847.—This morning our squad had the privilege of going to the city. After arriving we concluded to go to church, which we found nearly full of soldiers, who, like us, went for curiosity to see what could be seen. Among the audience was Maj.-Gen. Winfield Scott. The priest gave him a lighted candle, which he held while the ceremony was going on. After church we strolled around the streets and visited the wharves, where a number of vessels were laying to unload ammunition, ordnance, provisions, etc. Returned to camp.

It is rumored this evening that the man that killed the French gardener will be hung to-morrow; it is also rumored that the vice-president, of Mexico, Faris, has resigned or has been expelled from his seat, etc.

Monday, April 5, 1847.—This morning the man that murdered and robbed the Frenchman will be hung.

At noon a man named Isaac Kirk, a colored man, and, I believe, a free citizen of the United States, yet who has lived here for a number of years, was arrested for committing, or attempting to commit a rape on the person of Mrs. Maria Antonia Gallegas, a Mexican woman, yesterday on the road between the ruins of Malilran and Vera Cruz; also for stealing ten dollars and a silver comb. He should have been shot on the spot. He will be tried by court-martial, which is now sitting in Vera Cruz, and no doubt will be speedily convicted and hung as high as Haman.

Tuesday, April 6, 1847.—This morning Mr. Beasly, of Co. D, First Pennsylvania Volunteers, died of brain fever. There are several of our company laid up with the same complaint.