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of war and peace. Songs were sung and all kinds of amusement were performed. We had plenty of everything, oranges, bananas, etc.

In the evening. Co. H, First Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers had a fine supper at the officers' quarters. Col. Black was in attendance, and to give all soldiers a good chance, there was no dress-parade. Co. A, of the same regiment, had a supper at the Cataract House.

Wednesday, February 23, 1848.—This morning some of our soldiers looked as if they had indulged too much in that good whisky and wine.

At noon I informed my friend, Alburtus Welsh, of our company, who was on guard at the time, that I would stand guard for him; providing he would make me a drawing of the Castle of Chapultepec, to which he cheerfully consented, and was glad of the relief from guard.

To-day I am on guard for the first time since my promotion to the Corporalship. Oh! I tell you the time seemed very long to me, not being used to going on guard. Strange to say, when I was a high private in the front rank, I used to like to go on guard; in fact, many a time I used to volunteer my services to go on guard in the place of one who complained of being too sick. But now I wouldn't exchange if they would give me $5.00 extra per month.

Thursday, February 24, 1848.—This morning I was relieved from guard-duty; and, I assure you, I was not sorry for it; for the time seemed awful long to me, and I don't think I will ever stand guard again.

Mr. Welsh has just finished making me a capital drawing of the Castle of Chapultepec.

To-day is the twenty-seventh Mexican anniversary of freeing themselves from the Spanish yoke of rule. Their plan of government and constitution was declared at a small villa called Iguala, near Cordova, February 24, 1821.

Their constitution was to form a progressive and liberal form of government, but contained one element, which was more